Identify and Hire Qualified
Drivers More Quickly
Lower Driver Turnover Rate
Ensure Safety Standards
and Reduce Risk
Streamline All of Your
Financial Management Practices
On-Board and Manage a Safe
and Reliable Carrier Network
Capture and Deliver
Information without Boundaries
Manage and Reduce Fleet
Maintenance Costs

Compliance Made Easy

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Transportation Solutions that Connect the Dots


 Don't Silo Your Transportation & Logistics Operations

EBE's expertise in document imaging and scanning has led to the development of SHIPS Enterprise Process Management Solutions leveraging Automated Decision Support methodology. These paperless, mobile-enabled workflow solutions improve efficiency and exception visibility in every department within a transportation and logistics operation. Using your company's business rules, SHIPS business process management software presents only the out-of-standard transactions to your personnel for review, helping to streamline your business processes, reduce staffing requirements, drive down costs, and increase profits.

Key Benefits 

  • Work by Exception to Improve Personnel Performance and Productivity
  • Identify and Hire Qualified Drivers More Quickly
  • Lower Driver Turnover
  • Ensure Safety Standards to Reduce Risk
  • Streamline your Financial Management Practices
  • Attract and Manage a Safe and Reliable Carrier Network
  • Remotely Capture and Deliver Documents and Information To and From Drivers Anywhere
  • Manage and Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs


Transportation Billing & Settlements

Transportation companies are always looking for ways to improve operating efficiencies and one of the first areas typically targeted is the back office. Matching PODs to invoices, billing, copying, and faxing supporting documents to customers are among the most time-consuming and labor-intensive manual processes to manage. Missing paperwork and incomplete or inaccurate information causes delays in processing. As a result, companies can miss vital pay discounts, send out incorrect bills, or create erroneous driver settlements.

SHIPS business process management solutions minimize these potential challenges and bottlenecks. The system scans and tracks documents, validates data, triggers exception alerts and forwards documents automatically to appropriate queues for processing and viewing. And, because the management of routine tasks is automatic, SHIPS reduces your staff’s workload dramatically. Instead of managing 100% of the workload, they only need to pay attention to 20% of the paperwork that may be flagged as exceptions.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs and improve overall company efficiency 
  • Ensure consistent execution of standardized processes
  • Improve cashflow by eliminating delays in billing
  • Reduce aged accounts through real-time monitoring
  • Increase customer and driver satisfaction
  • Provide real-time alerts regarding missing paperwork or incorrect data received
  • Increase employee productivity by managing "non-standard" transactions only
  • Mitigate risk with easy access to historic documents and records
  • Improve accountability through the tracking and management of daily activities

​"Since implementing SHIPS accounts receivable and payable solutions, Packard Transport has reduced its payables from 32 days to 20 days, increased the productivity of its lead billing clerk from 100 loads per day to 300 per day, reduced billing cycle time from 14 days to 3 days, and improved customer satisfaction!"

-Christopher Checca, Director of Information Technologies, Packard Transport

Learn More about SHIPS Billing & Settlement Solutions


Carrier On-Boarding and Logistics Management

SHIPS Logistics Management Workflow Solution manages the needs of brokers, 3PL’s and other transportation companies operating logistics divisions within their organizations. This logistics management software is designed to manage the end-to-end processes associated with carrier management within the logistics network. 

From qualifying and on-boarding carriers, interfacing with FMCSA to monitor safety scores and ensure DOT compliance to automating rate confirmations, providing shipment status, and generating invoices and settlements, SHIPS will minimize or eliminate the daunting manual tasks associated with operating an efficient and profitable logistics operation. SHIPS logistics software solutions allow your agents to spend more time selling loads and less time shuffling paperwork! 

Key Benefits

  • Speed Up Carrier Qualification Process
  • Monitor Carrier Performance
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Increase Freight Bookings
  • Gain Competitve Advantage
  • Eliminate Manual Fax and Paper Handling
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Cash Flow

Learn More about SHIPS Logistics Management Workflow Solution




Driver Recruiting & Retention

SHIPS Driver Recruiting Workflow Solutions standardize and automate the repetitive activities within your recruiting department to position your company for the greatest degree of success in hiring qualified drivers more quickly and efficiently. The importance of qualifying drivers to your company specifications while adhering to regulatory policy and EEO practices is critical in your efforts, and this driver recruitment software can help.

With workflow, your company is assured of executing a consistent process to assess and on-board every single applicant using an applicant tracking system. Once the driver has accepted an offer, a driver qualification file is created within the driver recruiting software and all of the information and documents obtained during the hiring process are then exported to your enterprise systems for driver management. There is no need for re-keying or scanning of this information, saving countless hours of data entry and redundancies associated with printing, scanning, and copying documents. Using a carrier’s specific business rules and processes, SHIPS Driver Recruiting software addresses each of the major hiring and qualification steps taken by recruiting and safety departments, from application to background verification to on-demand orientation and learning management systems.

Key Benefits

  • Find and Qualify Drivers Faster
  • Increase Recruiter Productivity
  • Improve EEO Compliance
  • Track History and Ensure Quality
  • Save Time and Money
  • Increase Driver Satisfation and Retention

"With SHIPS Driver Recruiting Solution, we are able to deliver the same number of qualified drivers with 50% of the recruitment staff that we previously needed."

-Brad Vaughn, Director of Recruiting, Maverick Corporation

Learn More about SHIPS Recruiting Solutions




Transportation Safety & Risk

DOT compliance is often the bottom line in the trucking industry. Drivers who aren't fully up-to-date on regulations pose a significant liability to your business. SHIPS Risk Management Solutions capture, monitor, and automate all aspects of driver activity, past safety records, compliance behavior, and motivators. Manual tasks such as completing performance reports, tracking driver qualification file documents, and ensuring compliant behavior are now handled through automated workflows in the risk management software. Additionally, should non-compliant behavior be detected or an accident occur, you will reduce your company’s exposure by already having standardized corrective procedures in place and the documentation to back it up.

This risk management information system uses driver compliance safety workflows to leverage data throughout your organization to ensure DOT compliance without costing you addtitional hours to manually search, retrieve, and reference existing driver qualification files and at-risk behaviors.

Key Benefits

  • Improves Fleet Safety through complete visibility to all at-risk behavior.
  • Interfaces to third-party solutions including CSA Compass portal, Mobile Communications, ELDs, and Training Services.
  • Prevents drivers from being dispatched if they do not meet regulatory requirements.
  • Monitors and alerts management to expiring documents.
  • Optimizes Driver Qualification File management by providing drivers with alerts and notifications regarding file status through web-based Driver Portal.
  • Removes drivers with expired or missing documents from active dispatch.

"SHIPS Driver Management Solution has improved our compliance tremendously. With the integration to TMW, we are 100% confident that no driver ever gets dispatched that is non-compliant."

-Greg Whisenant, Director, Driver Training, Shaw Industries

Learn More about SHIPS Safety & Risk Solutions



Fleet Maintenance

Your assets don't just carry your loads, they carry your business. You want your assets to stay on the road, and operate safely and efficiently. SHIPS Fleet Maintenance software helps you streamline routine maintenance operations and manage repairs more efficiently and accurately. The process ensures that proper preventive maintenance is performed and necessary documents are available on demand.

Modules with this solution include Repair Order Generation, Defect Repair Process, Comprehensive Reporting, Document Retrieval and License, Permit Processing and more.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Operating Costs through increased visibility to parts costs and operations performance
  • Increase Driver Satisfaction through reduced downtime and quick response to breakdowns
  • Increase Mechanic Productivity through KPI monitoring
  • Ensure CSA Compliance
  • Maximize Inventory Investment
  • Increase Asset Life and Utilization
  • Improve Warranty Recovery Process

Learn More about SHIPS Fleet Maintenance Solutions



Fleet Mobility Solutions

We operate in an "always on" climate. Business happens in the office, on the road, and on the fly. EBE's Fleet Mobility Solution, Connect Mobile Capture (CMC), is much more than an in-cab scanning solution that allows drivers to submit delivery documents via mobile devices. It is an integrated system that alerts drivers to needed documents and related order number indexes required for settlement of a completed move, including accessorials. The real-time interaction ensures that settlements are not delayed by manual indexing at the home office, confirms receipt of paperwork, and alerts drivers of document cut-off deadlines for settlements.

CMC becomes the driver’s automated personal assistant that keeps the driver informed of needed documents and deadlines. The solution will also monitor the quality of the images received and instruct the driver to re-image documents that failed quality audits. The mobile document capture solution can be configured to capture additional documents, data, and photos such as OS&D or compliance documents and photos. What better way to keep your drivers informed and increase your retention rates?

Key Benefits

  • Document imaging and indexing at point of service
  • Same-day billing & settlement 
  • Decreased DSO
  • Improved driver retention & recruitment
  • Driver profile allows driver performance coaching & recognition
  • Increased Hours of Service
  • Timely & accurate billing through integration into carrier dispatch
  • Documents received are validated, sending optimized images directly into your billing workflow

Learn More about SHIPS Fleet Mobility Solution



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"The Settlement Assistant allowed us to motivate drivers to turn in their paperwork more quickly and sped up our invoicing activities by 48 hours."

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