fbpx AI Workflow and Interoperability for Transportation Companies

AI and Critical Systems Interoperability Provides Unparalleled Productivity

AI and Interoperability in Content Management:
Beyond Workflow

Integration and InteroperabilityHistorically, traditional content management systems provided for the routing and sorting of documents. While this process greatly improved productivity by eliminating the copying of documents and manually sharing them among knowledge and back-office workers, it still required staff to review and process each and every transaction. Since these solutions did not have the capability to know whether the transaction was in or out of standard, staff was required to manually review every single transaction in order to continue processing.

AI Changes the Game

Recently, AI and Critical Systems Interoperability within Content Management has allowed companies to "work by exception" -- raising productivity to previously unimaginable levels. By using AI to inspect data associated with a transaction against the expected data, the system can automatically process routine transactions with little or no manual intervention. Only transactions with exceptions require manual intervention.

Systems Interoperability Puts You on the Scoreboard

Interoperability with Artificial IntelligenceThe ability to utilize AI across disparate critical systems is accomplished through system interoperability. Hence, AI is revolutionizing content management, providing what simple electronic files just can't deliver: INTEROPERABILITY.

Interoperability is realized through the ability of not just interacting with critical systems throughout the enterprise; combined with AI processing, interoperability actually eliminates redundant data entry.

SHIPS AI-powered solutions have made an impact in the following areas of a transportation enterprise:

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