Minimizing At-Risk Behavior Starts When the Driver Applies

Driver Employment ApplicationThere is virtually no fleet today that wouldn't hire or activate a quality driver if made available to them. The driver shortage is driving demand so aggressively, it becomes tempting for companies to compromise their core values in order to fill seats that drive revenue.

Help Your Drivers Combat Fatigue to Ensure Safety and Compliance

Driver FatigueOne of the most dangerous situations to occur on the road is when a driver becomes fatigued. The Hours of Service (HOS) rules for truck drivers exist for this very reason, but they're NOT fool-proof. Carriers – and all their employees – need to be involved in the education and acknowledgement of driver fatigue and its side effects so to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone on the road with them.

Are You Ready for Automated Billing?

Automated BillingIn the transportation industry, time is money. Streamlining operational efficiencies to improve productivity very often translates into dollars saved, and nowhere is that more true than in your billing and settlement departments. Automation can be the key to improving your billing process, but are you ready for it?

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