Don't Be Consumed By Your Data

Mobile Capture TechnologyAs the industry transitions to much more open platforms and drivers are afforded more functionality and greater communication on their smart devices, data consumption takes center stage. Aligned with this, there are some important industry trends that compound the data demands placed on carriers of all sizes.

Driver Employment Application Strategies: Which One is Right for You?

Driver Employment ApplicationIn today's transportation industry, carriers are all fighting to win over the same limited pool of drivers. Typically, drivers are applying to multiple companies at the same time. And, as such, the first responder usually wins. So how do you ensure that you have the best shot at getting the attention of these drivers? Unfortunately, there is no one "silver bullet" answer.

Driver Qualification File Management: Going Digital is Only the Beginning

Driver Qualification File ManagementMaintaining driver qualification files digitally is a good transition from managing traditional paper files. However, it is only the first step to gaining more control and minimizing the risk of jeopardizing compliance and potentially encountering out of service scenarios due to expiring driver documents. 

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