Celebrating 45 Years: Decade 4 -- the 2000s

EBE 45 years logoIn its fourth decade, EBE recognized the need for even more innovative solutions as technology rapidly advanced. With the PC’s extensive computing power, low cost of mass storage, and high-speed networks, the obstacles that prevented all transportation companies from reaping the benefits of document management and workflow solutions were removed.

Celebrating 45 Years: Decade 1 -- the 1970s

EBE's first officeWhen Joe first founded EBE, the company’s focus was on delivering the latest business equipment technology to consumers. At the time, that technology centered on calculators and word processing systems. Most of us take the readily available calculator in our smartphones for granted, but consider this: in 1973, a calculator cost a whopping $4,000. That’s $22,000 in today’s money.

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