Streamline Your Driver Employment Application and Driver Qualification Process

Driver employment applicationAttracting truck drivers to your company and getting them to click the "apply now" button is only the beginning of the hiring process. Motivating drivers to provide the required information quickly and efficiently is the first step in determining if they are qualified to work for you.

The Benefits of Electronic Delivery Receipts Are a Win-Win

Mobile capture with electronic delivery receiptIn today's world it's all about the driver. Not only do you need to attract more drivers, you need to retain them. And sometimes the latter can be as simple as making their jobs easier. More and more carriers are taking advantage of the high percentage of drivers who have a smartphone or a tablet.

Stand Out with These Proven Driver Recruiting & Driver Retention Techniques

Driver recruiting and retentionThe driver shortage is the number one challenge transportation providers continue to face today. Below are three strategies that your company should consider in an effort to maximize your potential for recruiting and retaining drivers.




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