Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing is All About the Detail

Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol TestingFACT: Accidents Happen! How you respond will determine the accident's impact on your company's sustainability, exposure, brand, and profitability. Those in the transportation industry know that when a driver is involved in an accident, dealing with the aftermath is unpleasant -- especially if fatalities are involved.

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Mobile Capture

Mobile CaptureThese days everyone has a mobile device, even your drivers. Why not put that device to good use? With all the information you need to convey to your drivers, the speed with which you want to communicate with your clients, and your desire to reduce Days Sales Outstanding, mobile capture is a strategic tool that makes yesterday's dream today's reality.

Listen to the Voice of the Driver to Improve Driver Retention

Truck driver retentionListening to your drivers' experiences and opinions is essential for creating an inclusive work environment that will improve driver retention. How can you make it easier to learn what your drivers are thinking? Read on for some ideas and solutions that will help you gather information from drivers that can benefit your organization.

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