Three Ways to Benefit from A Winning Mobile Strategy

Mobile technology has become an important tool not only for communication but for a variety of tasks in the transportation industry. Many carriers rely on mobile devices for identifying over, short, and damage situations and initiating the claims process, not to mention keeping in constant contact with their drivers, assets, and cargo. If your organization doesn’t have a clearly defined mobile strategy, you could be missing out on a host of benefits, not the least of which is streamlining your enterprise.

Develop a Winning Mobile Strategy with Connect Mobile Capture

Mobile technology is not just for communication anymore. Many carriers rely on mobile devices for tasks like optimizing delivery routes and capturing electronic signatures. But mobile in-cab scanning applications -- like EBE’s Connect Mobile Capture solution -- offer so much more. Read on to discover how this application can improve efficiency and streamline your operation to benefit your drivers, your customers, and even your back office.

Drive Down Repair Costs with Fleet Maintenance Applications

Mechanic working in the engine compartment of a semi truckAccording to a follow-up to a recent industry study, 24% of fleets drive an average of 120,000 miles annually, compared to 18% of fleets in 2015. Understandably, this has led to concerns about maintenance and repair costs and how they affect a business' operational bottom line.

Safety and Compliance Solutions

ComplianceThe presidential transition has thrown into question some aspects of the trucking and transportation industry. With the appointment of Elaine Chao as Department of Transportation Secretary, President Trump’s goals with respect to infrastructure updates and DOT regulations are still being determined.

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