Celebrating 45 Years: Decade 3 -- the 1990s

EBE office interior - 1993Continuing our look back at the history of EBE, we focus on the third decade of the company's tenure: the 1990s. It was in this decade that EBE developed competencies in document imaging and workflow solutions, which led to a large client base throughout the Midwest.

Celebrating 45 Years: Decade 1 -- the 1970s

EBE's first officeWhen Joe first founded EBE, the company's focus was on delivering the latest business equipment technology to consumers. At the time, that technology centered on calculators and word processing systems. Most of us take the readily available calculator in our smartphones for granted, but consider this: in 1973, a calculator cost a whopping $4,000. That's $22,000 in today's money.

Automate Your Driver Recruiting Process

DQ File - Driver Qualification FileWe've discussed in a previous blog post the importance of streamlining your driver employment application process to attract drivers; now let's focus on what happens next. The driver recruiting process can be extremely labor-intensive, time-consuming, and dependent upon manual operations.

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