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Designed for Visibility and Flexibility

The CSA Dashboard tool is designed to provide carriers the most visibility and flexibility in identifying and acting on at-risk driving behavior while managing company performance to the BASIC percentiles set forth by the FMCSA.

On a daily basis, the system monitors all associated inspections assigned to the carrier and imports the data from the FMCSA Compass website into the CSA  Dashboard. The application then compares the driver information posted in Compass to the database of active and non-active drivers who have been employed or contracted with the carrier for the past 36 months. The inspection and/or violation is scored and assigned a company and driver percentile based on the seven BASIC categories within the context of the methodology documented by the FMCSA.

The CSA Dashboard allows carriers to search for drivers and inspections by four levels of a company’s hierarchy such as terminal, region, division, and manager. Searches for drivers and inspections can also be done by VIN number, violation code, or State. A carrier can also search for drivers by percentile or points thresholds offering a targeted approach to identifying the most at risk drivers, divisions, terminals, etc. Email alerts are sent to managers when new inspections are posted, red flag violations have occurred or other company defined criteria. A driver scorecard is created based on all inspections/violations assigned to the driver code.

If the system does not identify a match between an inspection and the carrier’s driver database, the inspection information, along with the recorded driver name, will be moved to an “unmatched driver” queue, allowing the carrier to manually assign the inspection to a driver or submit a challenge through the direct DataQ interface within the dashboard.

  • Daily Downloads from Compass
  • Company and Driver Scorecards
  • Company Specific Search Criteria
  • Historic Look Ups by Date
  • Search by % Thresholds
  • New Inspection Alerts
  • Data Integration & Transfer
  • Workflow Integration to SHIPS Driver Management


CSA Workflow

A comprehensive CSA dashboard provides complete visibility to all roadside inspection and crash reports posted to FMCSA’s Compass Portal. The application retrieves information daily of all posted reports, scores each violation/crash and inspection, calculates a score for each item, and then generates both a company and driver measure and percentile based on the CSA documented methodology. The results of each driver’s activity are monitored for both positive and negative behavior and trends. As thresholds of specified behavior are identified, personnel are alerted through workflow which will execute activities based on the behavior identified. Items such as exceeding percentiles or points in BASIC categories, violation types or crash incidents can warrant activities such as training, warning letters or termination. Positive behavior such as clean inspections can generate positive activities such as commendation letters or bonus notifications to payroll. Assigned activities are monitored through completion. When activities have been completed, driver will be removed from workflow.


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