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Through driver safety workflows, training modules are assigned to a driver as a normal business process, based on an identified behavior or an accumulation of “negative” points detected by the system.  In any case, once the system assigns training and due dates to a driver, workflows follow the driver’s compliance of completion.  If training is not completed in the assigned timeframe, then escalation alerts are generated, the driver moves to a “missed training” queue and  management is presented with decision tasks to either reschedule training or elect to suspend or terminate the driver in which case the system would send an inactive status flag to the dispatch system.  The application allows a “look ahead” function so that a training session can be assigned to multiple drivers based on timeframe, terminal or behavior.  If a driver certification expires because of training laps, they are removed from active dispatch until the training is complete. Notifications can be sent to the driver to inform of training issues. 

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