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10/17/2012 - Media Release

Media Release 

October 17, 2012


Commitment to Innovation and Customer Service Prove to be Recipe for Success


East Moline, IL: EBE Technologies, the leading developer of enterprise business process management applications for the transportation industry, announced the kickoff of its 40th year in business and at the same time posted record revenue results for Fiscal Year 2012. FY 2012 represents the fourth consecutive year EBE has achieved more than 30 percent growth. 57 percent of its revenue in 2012 was derived from applications that were created less than four years ago and represents over 30 new clients. In addition to revenue growth, EBE has added eleven new team members filling roles in project management, operations and implementation.

EBE, originally named Electronic Business Equipment, was founded by Joe Kerr in 1973.  The company has consistently reinvented its product and service offerings over the years, but never deviated from its core mission of providing innovative business and technology solutions to help companies improve efficiency and productivity. 

During the initial years, the company evolved from selling word processing systems and calculators, to a provider of Novell networks. In the 90's, EBE developed competencies in document imaging and workflow solutions which led to a large client base throughout the Midwest, including several Fortune 500 companies such as John Deere and Company and Bandag/Bridgestone. The demand to automate repetitive tasks associated with accounts receivable and payable, human resources and customer service led to EBE's expertise in business process content management.

In the late 90's, EBE embarked on its first endeavor in the transportation industry as it developed a billing workflow, remote scanning and rendition printing solution for an LTL client. This was the foundation for the launch and continued development of EBE's SHIPS enterprise business process management solution. SHIPS combined the power of document and content management, workflow and business process automation to improve operational efficiencies across the enterprise.

As EBE’s back office solutions matured and its expertise in the transportation industry grew, EBE expanded its product portfolio.  In 2004, EBE launched applications for brokers and logistics providers to improve the processes surrounding carrier and contract management.  In 2006 EBE developed a comprehensive suite of driver management applications including recruiting, safety, CSA and driver performance.

“EBE has reinvented itself, on average, about every five years in order to keep our offerings current.  We believe listening to our customers and keeping an eye out for “outside the box solutions” is the secret to our continued success.  The transportation industry has been very good to us and we thank our customers for helping us reach this tremendous milestone”, said Larry Kerr, President of EBE.

Today, over 500 transportation companies utilize EBE’s flagship products, in some capacity.  Clients range from the Transport Topics “Top 100" to carriers and logistics providers with fleets less than 75 trucks. “We have been fortunate to have grown a blue chip client list that includes carriers such as Heartland Express, Maverick Transportation and Mercer Transportation who are viewed by their peers as  industry leaders”, adds Kerr.  “There are many companies with whom you do business that you would consider vendors.  EBE is not one of those.  They are a true business partner with CPC Logistics and always provide us with creative solutions.  We especially appreciate their support organization.  They are always responsive when an issue may arise and I particularly look forward to their monthly customer satisfaction calls,” said Bob Boyich, VP of CPC Logistics Inc.

EBE’s solutions integrate with carriers’ legacy imaging and operation systems.  This is a very important aspect of SHIPS solutions as it allows carriers to leverage their systems investments to provide even greater value.  As such, partner relationships are extremely important to EBE’s success.  “As one of EBE’s newer business partners, we value the relationship EBE and TrueNorth have developed.  TrueNorth's mission is to help transportation companies and their people protect and maximize assets, resources and opportunities.  Working with EBE, we are totally in-line with our mission. We are able to offer a combined solution that helps our mutual customers be more pro-active, efficient and compliant in administering and supporting Independent Contractors.  EBE is creative in identifying ways they can help their customers and we’re excited to be aligned with that type of innovation”, said Jason Smith, Executive VP Transportation, TrueNorth Companies.

EBE will be kicking off its 40th year, with a celebration at its upcoming Efficiency Summit, October 22nd-24th in Chicago, IL.  The Summit will be showcasing case studies presented by carriers as they highlight how EBE solutions have positively impacted their organizations. To register or for more information about the Summit, call 1.800.447.0612 or visit

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