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04/11/2012 - Media Release

Media Release 

April 11, 2012

EBE Technologies Completes Fiscal 2012 Q2 with Record Results
New Vehicle Management, Training, and Cloud Solutions Contribute to Momentum


East Moline, IL, EBE Technologies the leading provider of enterprise content management, workflow and business process automation solutions for the trucking industry today announces record revenue results for its Q2 2012 fiscal year.  EBE is on pace to complete its third consecutive year with a growth rate in excess of 30 percent.  Two new product releases under the umbrella of EBE's flagship product, SHIPS, have contributed to these results.  In 2012, EBE fully released a Vehicle Management application and Learning Management System.  Additionally, EBE has made more of its server based applications available through Cloud computing offerings.   

The Vehicle Management application integrates with leading dispatch, accounting, mobile communication solution and CSA reporting tools. The application allows fleets to manage the maintenance, work orders and warranty of their tractors and trailers.  Additionally, it audits and automates CSA compliance information from DVIRs and roadside inspections.  

The Learning Management System (LMS) allows carriers to create their own training program that includes both in-house and third party content.  Users are provided with a framework to embed internally developed training videos, Powerpoint presentations and randomized tests.  Those carriers using content providers such as Instructional Technologies ProTread and Vertical Alliance Infiniti solutions may also be integrated into the solution as part of the training program.  "EBE has given us versatility with their product to build our own courses.  The implementation of the LMS system has saved us an estimated 8 hours per week, allowing the staff to spend more time in the classrooms and hands-on labs with our drivers," said Curt Valkovic, Director of Driver Training for Maverick Transportation.

As part of EBE's portfolio of Recruiting and Driver Management solutions, the LMS system complements the On Demand Orientation, Safety & Compliance and Driver Performance applications.  When used in conjunction with SHIPS On Demand Orientation application, the LMS allows applicants to shorten their time in the classroom by reviewing content such as company policies, procedures and CSA information prior to arriving at orientation.  Applied to SHIPS Driver Performance solutions, data from mobile communication devices, dispatch systems, and the Compass Portal trigger the scheduling of specific training events that comply with a carrier's driver intervention processes. The LMS system can also be configured to generate tests and updates based on endorsement certifications and qualifications ensuring driver compliance. 

EBE's Cloud solutions are becoming a more significant component of its revenue growth.  "We have seen considerably more interest in hosted solutions over the past year," said Larry Kerr, President of EBE.  EBE has developed Web services into many of the leading dispatch and accounting solutions to streamline the use of EBE's Cloud solutions and other application's back end databases. "We have added a more robust team of developers and support personnel to accommodate the expansion of our Cloud solutions while maintaining continuity with our traditional client/server based applications.  We continue to keep our eye on the pulse of the industry to ensure that our products reflect the needs of our clients.  This quarter's results validate that our efforts are consistently being rewarded," adds Kerr.

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