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Transform Your Business with Automated Decision Support (ADS) Solutions

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EBE's expertise in document imaging and in-cab scanning has led to the development of SHIPS Enterprise Process Management Solutions leveraging Automated Decision Support technology. These paperless, mobile-enabled solutions provide functionality to improve efficiency and exception visibility in every department within transportation and logistics operations. 

Document management has come a long way from the early days and goes far beyond the simple store, retrieve, and print capabilities that have become synonymous with the term “imaging solutions.” Now, content management systems include the capability of managing data and documents from various sources including emails, fax, internet, and even mobile communication systems. Integrating content management and workflow solutions with carriers' enterprise applications such as dispatch, accounting, log auditing, and mobile communications creates a true automated decision support environment. Being able to read, interpret, apply business rules, and execute transactions automatically allows transportation providers to reduce staffing levels necessary to manage the exception events and transactions only.  

How ADS works 

Is your staff spending most of their day touching every single transaction that passes through your enterprise?  What if there was a way to process “routine” or “standard” transactions automatically, enabling your personnel to focus on only the “exceptions” that require manual intervention? That is exactly what an Automated Decision Support (ADS) based system can do for your company.

Using your company's business rules, SHIPS applications present only the out-of-standard transactions to your personnel for review. This streamlines your business process and reduces staffing requirements, driving down costs and increasing profits.

Key Benefits 

  • Improve Personnel Performance and Productivity
  • Identify and Hire Qualified Drivers More Quickly
  • Lower Driver Turnover
  • Ensure Safety Standards to Reduce Risk
  • Streamline Your Financial Management Practices
  • Attract and Manage a Safe and Reliable Carrier Network
  • Remotely Capture and Deliver Documents and Information To and From Drivers Anywhere
  • Manage and Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs

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