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SHIPS Navigator: An Artificial Intelligence Engine for Ultimate Productivity

Introducing SHIPS Navigator, EBE's Artificial Intelligence Engine

EBE Navigator AI Process EngineArtificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as computer systems performing tasks that normally require human intelligence and intervention. To that end, EBE has created SHIPS Navigator, an AI designed to handle the mundane, manual tasks that people in the transportation industry typically perform. 

Navigator is an AI-based process engine that maximizes the productivity between EBE's applications and a transportation provider's disparate back-office systems. By utilizing interoperability to share data and documents, such systems are automatically updated by the Navigator, eliminating redundant data entry and manual operational procedures.



Multiple Integration Options Extend The Value

In addition to integrating data and documents with a transportation provider's disparate systems, the Navigator provides complete integration into EBE's workflow applications. This functionality maximizes our clients' ability to work by exception across the enterprise, in every department. Working by exception allows a transportation provider to staff at the levels needed to process exceptions – not the entire transaction pool. This process also makes documents, data and reporting available more quickly for both the transportation provider and their clients.

Virtual Auditor Keeps An Eye On Exceptions

Virtual Auditor to keep an eye on exceptionsThe Navigator's AI capabilities act as an electronic auditor that reviews transactions to determine if they are within standards and can be completed, or if an exception is identified and needs to be reviewed manually. If the exception is an item that the Navigator can correct, such as a status setting in dispatch, the Navigator will correct the error to allow the transaction to be completed. When a transaction cannot be corrected by the Navigator, it will be placed in an exception workflow based on who is responsible for that specific transaction error.

Maximize Navigator's Efficiencies By Leveraging Multiple SHIPS Applications

The Navigator is most effective in providing work by exception capabilities when EBE's applications are used in conjunction with one another. Some examples of these types of situations include:

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