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Barb Wester
Director of Marketing
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-447-0612
Fax: 309-792-5557

Media Releases:


12/09/2020 - EBE Announces Equifax Integration with SHIPS Recruiting Solution

11/18/2020 - EBE Reports Increased Revenue for FY2020

5/12/2020 - EBE Announces Strong Mid-Year Results

4/28/2020 - EBE Announces AI Engine to Maximize Productivity Across Transportation Enterprise

2/20/2020 - EBE Announces ARC, Setting a New Standard in Applicant Tracking


10/30/2019 - EBE Technologies Reports Another Year of Strong Revenue Growth

4/5/2019 - ATA Renews EBE Technologies as an ATA Corporate Partner

4/2/2019 - EBE Technologies Announces Updated Corporate Website Launch


11/6/2018 - EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2018

10/29/2018 - InfoStream, an EBE Company, Announces the Launch of its Managed Service Organization to Provide Transportation Regulatory and Compliance Services

10/23/2018 - EBE Technologies Has Been Named to the FreightWaves Freight.Tech 100

9/25/2018 - EBE Technologies Joins Zonar's Alliance Partner Program

7/31/2018 - EBE Technologies Announces Enhancements to its Connect Mobile Capture (CMC) Application

2/16/2018 - ATA Announces EBE Technologies Renewed as ATA Corporate Partner


11/14/2017- EBE Technologies Announces CMC Standard

11/7/2017- EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2017

10/19/2017- EBE Technologies Expands Its Driver Management Solutions Group

9/13/2017- EBE Technologies Announces Updates to its Web-Based Recruiting Employment Application

7/13/2017- EBE Technologies Announces Enhanced Connect Mobile Capture Application with Capture Wizard

3/27/2017- EBE Technologies Announces Enhanced Risk Management System

1/19/2017- ATA Introduces EBE Technologies as Corporate Partner


11/9/2015 - EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2016

9/26/2016 - EBE Technologies Announces Enhancement to Learning Management System

5/3/2016 - EBE Technologies’ User Conference, Connect 2016, to Define How to Improve Efficiency Across the Enterprise

4/8/2016 - EBE Technologies and Vigillo Partner to Streamline the On-Boarding of Motor Carriers

2/29/2016 - EBE Technologies Unveils Integrated Vehicle Maintenance Solution


11/3/2015 - EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2015

10/19/2015 - EBE's Learning Management System (LMS) Powers Conversion E-Learning Academy

7/14/2015 - DriverFACTS and EBE Partner to Offer Convenient New Interface for SHIPS Recruiting and Driver Management System Users

4/13/2015 – Media Release (EBE Technologies Integrates DAT Carrierwatch to Streamline Access to Motor Carrier Insurance Data)

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