fbpx EBE Technologies Announces Enhanced Connect Mobile Capture Application with Capture Wizard

EBE Technologies Announces Enhanced Connect Mobile Capture Application with Capture Wizard

Capture Wizard Assists Drivers with Optimizing Document Images Prior to Submission.

East Moline, IL:  EBE Technologies, the leading provider of enterprise automated decision support (ADS) applications for the transportation and logistics industry, today announces an enhancement within its Connect Mobile Capture (CMC) solution. The new Capture Wizard feature assists the driver in obtaining the best quality document images before submitting for billing and settlement.

The Capture Wizard audits documents at the point of capture, and requires drivers to recapture documents that do not meet quality standards. Drivers receive immediate feedback and can take advantage of tips to improve image capture, such as adjusting the angle or the proximity of the mobile device. The enhanced feature eliminates driver frustration at having to recapture images at a later date, cutting down on billing and settlement delays. This feature also reduces the need for calls between the driver and the carrier’s back office staff, thus improving productivity.

The CMC solution is a mobile application that is an alternative to traditional truck stop and in-cab scanning systems, and serves as the driver’s mobile command center. As an enterprise-wide solution, CMC keeps drivers connected to carriers 24/7 – in and out of the cab – and allows drivers to access and interact with a carrier’s in-house operations and business partner mobile offerings. Other features of the solution include an intuitive interface that reduces manual keystrokes, integration with dispatch that pushes the order number directly to the driver’s mobile device, configurable doc types, and ease of indexing that eliminates manual processes.

“We continue to improve the Connect Mobile Capture solution based on feedback from carriers and drivers, with the aim of enhancing the product that invites participation by drivers and encourages automation into the back-office processes. Drivers, now more than ever, want innovative ways to perform their daily duties efficiently and with assurances that they are fulfilling what’s required of them. The Capture Wizard feature is another example of the value-added qualities of this application,” stated Michael Randone, EBE’s VP, Mobile Solutions.

To learn more about EBE’s Connect Mobile Capture application, and to view a video that outlines the solution’s updated features, visit www.ebeships.com  or call 800.447.0612.

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