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EBE Announces AI Engine to Maximize Productivity Across Transportation Enterprise

SHIPS Navigator Operates as Middleware Between EBE Workflow and Process Management Solutions and Enterprise Transportation Systems

EAST MOLINE, IL - EBE Technologies, the leader in transportation-specific workflow and business process management applications for the transportation industry, today announced SHIPS Navigator, an artificial intelligence (AI) engine for process and content management. 

The Navigator allows the sharing of documents and data across the enterprise to automate the repetitive tasks typically performed by human labor. Navigator reviews transactions to determine if they are within standards and can be completed, or if an exception is identified and needs to be reviewed manually. If the exception is an item the Navigator can correct, such as a status setting in dispatch, the Navigator corrects the error and allows the transaction to be completed. When a transaction cannot be corrected by the Navigator, it is placed in an exception workflow based on user rules and permissions.
“SHIPS Navigator is designed to handle the mundane, manual tasks that are typically performed by people in the organization’s front and back office,” says Larry Kerr, President of EBE Technologies. “The Navigator leverages EBE’s automated workflow technology and integrations with many of the leading dispatch, accounting, and mobile communication systems in the transportation industry to deliver interoperability among a transportation provider’s critical systems.”

The Navigator is most effective when EBE’s applications are used in conjunction with one another. Some examples include: providing indexing functions through the SHIPS Mobile application to improve billing cycle times, monitoring a carrier’s accounting system for out-of-standard transactions, communicating to drivers the need for updated safety documents, and creating complete and accurate driver qualification files in the applicant tracking and onboarding process. 

To learn more about SHIPS Navigator and how it integrates with EBE solutions, visit www.ebeships.com/Navigator_landing or call 800.447.0612.

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EBE is the leading provider of Transportation-Specific Content and Process Management Applications. Serving over 650 clients, EBE has made a positive impact throughout organizations in the areas of billing, settlements and accounts payable; recruiting, onboarding, safety, risk and training; carrier management, fleet maintenance and mobile and data capture. Our next generation of workflow solutions allow our clients to work by exception to maximize productivity, control costs, and increase profits across the enterprise through the use of automated workflows supported by AI technology. Our integrated approach positions our clients to maximize their legacy system investments while extending the value of EBE’s solution portfolio. For additional information, visit www.ebeships.com or call 1-800-447-0612.

News Date:4/28/2020

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