fbpx EBE Announces ARC, Setting A New Standard In Applicant Tracking, Onboarding And Compliance Solutions

EBE Announces ARC, Setting A New Standard In Applicant Tracking, Onboarding And Compliance Solutions

Offering the Most Positive User Experience for Applicants, Recruiters and Compliance

NASHVILLE, TN: EBE Technologies, a leading provider of AI-driven, workflow-based solutions, today announces the launch of its new applicant tracking and onboarding solution, ARC. The new platform is built to provide the most positive user experience for all those involved in the recruiting and onboarding process from applicants - driver and non-driver, recruiters, and safety and compliance personnel. The foundation of the upgraded platform offers an advanced version of EBE’s content management and workflow engine supported by AI with interoperability among transportation providers’ dispatch, HR and other critical systems. ARC assures your organization of a more efficient, streamlined and compliant solution to meet the industry’s most challenging demands.

Some of ARC’s enhanced features include a responsive and configurable employment application, drip marketing campaign management, user-defined dashboards, reporting center to create custom reports and charts, job requisition management and a redesigned applicant portal to view and upload documents, receive notifications and access onboarding documents and assigned training. Additionally, ARC offers more administration tools and configuration options to the user, greatly reducing implementation time.

“ATS systems are usually designed either from the perspective of the driver experience or focused on the management of the applications and internal processes to qualify, onboard and create a compliant driver file. With ARC, we looked at it from all sides to address every user involved and created the optimal experience to make it easy for applicants to apply, recruiters to recruit, safety and compliance to onboard and qualify and operations to ensure accurate and timely information,” stated Cindy Nelson, VP of Marketing and Recruiting and Onboarding Solutions.   

ARC will be made available second quarter, 2020. To learn more about EBE’s comprehensive suite of Driver LifeCycle applications, visit ebeships.com.

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EBE is the leading provider of Transportation-Specific Content and Process Management Applications. Serving over 650 clients, EBE has made a positive impact throughout organizations in the areas of billing, settlements and accounts payable; recruiting, onboarding, safety, risk and training; carrier management, fleet maintenance and mobile and data capture. Our next generation of workflow solutions allow our clients to work by exception to maximize productivity, control costs, and increase profits across the enterprise through the use of automated workflows supported by AI technology. Our integrated approach positions our clients to maximize their legacy system investments while extending the value of EBE’s solution portfolio. For additional information, visit www.ebeships.com or call 1-800-447-0612.

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