fbpx EBE Reports Strong Mid-Year Results

EBE Reports Strong Mid-Year Results

Revenues Increase as EBE Helps Companies Succeed Through Difficult Times

EAST MOLINE, Ill. - EBE Technologies, a leading provider of AI-driven, workflow-based solutions for the transportation industry, today announces strong results for the first half of fiscal year 2020. Despite an economic downturn due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the company has been fortunate to continue its positive growth pattern with an increase in new sales revenues of 64 percent to existing clients and a 15 percent increase in new client partnerships over fiscal year 2019.

Consistent with the state of the overall economy during the last few months, the transportation industry is facing challenges that are leading to reducing its workforce while attempting to operate as efficiently as possible. EBE’s AI workflow-based solutions are designed to offer a “work by exception” approach, so that companies can meet those objectives. The solutions are also designed to support a remote workforce to accommodate much of the country’s stay at home orders. The combination of these two scenarios has contributed to EBE’s mid-year results.  

“EBE’s AI Engine, Navigator, with interoperability, has helped many companies realize the benefits of being able to do more with less. Even before the pandemic, our clients had seen the value of the solutions as they have gained efficiencies and improved profitability,” stated EBE CEO Larry Kerr. “Since companies are struggling today to impact their top line number, the focus has to be on identifying ways to improve the bottom line by implementing processes and solutions that manage costs. With our work by exception solutions, our clients are able to achieve interoperability amongst their critical systems, in order to improve their profitability,” adds Kerr.

Many of EBE’s solutions are designed to support the remote workforce. Remote capabilities to manage billing and settlements with mobile capture allow drivers to submit POD documents in near real time, which is enhancing the process and shortening the invoicing cycle. EBE’s web-based onboarding, training and safety solutions eliminate the need for drivers to be onsite in order to get and stay on the road. While many of EBE’s carriers have achieved the benefits of these solutions prior to the pandemic, its new clients are experiencing the value and finding the adoption of these solutions as long-term strategies. 

Forecasts for the second half of the year remain positive. EBE will continue to focus on developing and providing solutions to adapt to the current environment. Companies who are positioned to adapt quickly to change will be rewarded and EBE will continue to support the needs of those carriers. 

About EBE Technologies, Inc.
EBE is the leading provider of Transportation-Specific Content and Process Management Applications. Serving more than 650 clients, we have made a positive impact throughout organizations in the areas of billing, settlements and accounts payable; recruiting, onboarding, safety, risk and training; carrier management, fleet maintenance and mobile and data capture. EBE’s next generation of workflow solutions allow our clients to work by exception to maximize productivity, control costs, and increase profits across the enterprise through automated workflows supported by AI technology. EBE’s integrated approach positions our clients to maximize their legacy system investments while extending the value of EBE’s solution portfolio. For additional information, visit www.ebeships.com or call 1-800-447-0612.

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