fbpx EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2015

EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2015

EAST MOLINE, IL. - EBE Technologies, the leading provider of enterprise automated decision support (ADS) applications for the transportation and logistics industry, announces a strong finish to its 2015 fiscal year ending September 30. This record year of growth is highlighted by a 28 percent increase in revenue compared to the 2014 fiscal year. This is the seventh consecutive year EBE’s growth has exceeded more than 20 percent.

A significant factor contributing to these results was the recognition by many carriers, shippers and logistics providers that EBE’s SHIPS®  applications execute strategic transactions automatically and only present out of standard transactions for manual review. By implementing EBE’s ADS applications, transactions are completed more quickly, accurately and with less staff intervention throughout each department. In addition, with EBE’s comprehensive enterprise solutions, transportation providers are able to utilize one partner across multiple departments eliminating “silo” solutions that lack integration when utilizing mutli- suppliers within the enterprise.

EBE acquired more than 60 new transportation clients as either a direct investment with EBE or one of EBE’s white label partners. Many of these new clients are members of the Transport Topics top 100 for hire, private fleets, and logistics providers. EBE’s white label partners incorporate an EBE solution into their product to create a competitive advantage. Through this process, partners eliminate development time as well as core competence learning curves to fill a functional gap in their product offerings. EBE is expanding their white label partners to include back-ground verification, training content and additional dispatch providers.   

Adoption of EBE’s cloud based systems has increased sales significantly, the solutions provide clients with the ability to implement specific ADS applications with minimal internal IT resources, infrastructure expenditures while accelerating implementation timelines.    

"The success we achieved this year is a direct result of working with our current and prospective clients to expand functionality within our existing solution sets,” said Larry Kerr, President of EBE Technologies.

EBE collaborated with both large and small sized clients to construct enhancement requests as well as create new modules to address point functionality within a given department. Such functionality includes an integrated mobile travel and expense application, IFTA reporting in accounts payable and an enhancements to our workforce planning application to include asset allocation and the management of non-driver work orders, to name a few. This enhancement process will continue in fiscal year 2016 and will include enhanced integration avenues that will provide EBE’s clients with additional web services and other API calls so they may create additional integration touch points with custom built applications.

“Our ability to add automated decision support, ADS, to legacy document imaging systems has been a key factor to our growth. We recently created a case study outlining how EBE’s solutions provided a top 100 carrier a 35 percent improvement in their billing and settlement processes  while improving DSO and providing a more accurate billing function. These productivity gains represent a significant dollar value, but more importantly improves the customer experience,” Kerr said.    

Fiscal year 2016 looks to be an exceptional year for EBE. The company has extensive growth potential within its client base as well as new client acquisition. Several factors contributing to the growth are private fleets integrating EBE’s recruiting and safety solutions into the enterprise human resources system, expanded OCR capabilities in AP process, legacy document imaging enhancements and carrier on-boarding and management within the non- asset industry segment.

“Our continued growth is not possible without the support of our clients who consistently provide reference calls and site visits to our potential clients. This validation demonstrates our value and responsiveness to the industry in an effort to improve their operations. My personal thanks goes out to our clients as well as the EBE team, without their dedication and long hours, we would not be able to achieve our vision,” Kerr said.

About EBE Technologies, Inc. 
EBE is the leading provider of Transportation Specific Content and Process Management Applications. Serving nearly 600 clients, EBE has made a positive impact throughout their organizations in the areas of billing, settlements and accounts payable; recruiting, onboarding, safety, risk and training; carrier management, fleet maintenance and mobile and data capture. Our next generation of workflow solutions allow our clients to work by exception to maximize productivity, control costs, and increase profits across the Enterprise through the use of Automated Decision Support. Our integrated approach positions our clients to maximize their legacy system investments while extending the value of EBE’s solution portfolio.

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