fbpx EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2016

EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2016

Eighth Consecutive Year of More than 20 Percent Increase 

East Moline, IL – EBE Technologies, the leading provider of enterprise Decision Support Automation applications, (DSA) for the transportation and logistics industry, announces a strong finish for its 2016 fiscal year ending September 30.  A record year of revenue growth was achieved as EBE realized a 24 percent increase in revenue compared to the 2015 fiscal year. This represents the eighth consecutive year of growth exceeding more than 20 percent. 

A significant factor which contributed to these results was the recognition by many carriers, shippers and logistics providers that EBE’s SHIPS®  applications offer unparalleled efficiency gains and operational improvements. At the core of EBE’s solutions is the ability to execute strategic transactions automatically and only present out of standard transactions for manual review. By implementing EBE’s Decision Support Automation (DSA) applications, transactions are completed more quickly, accurately and with less staff throughout each department. Many of EBE’s clients are purchasing multiple modules in order to apply these benefits across the enterprise.

EBE added nearly 50 new transportation companies to its client base in the 2016 fiscal year.  These client additions were a result of either a purchase directly from EBE or from one of EBE’s white label partners. These new clients range from industry leading, asset-based for hire carriers and private fleets to the top logistics providers throughout North America. 

By providing solutions to EBE’s partners as a white label strategy, they are able to maintain a competitive advantage by extending the value of their organic solutions. Through this process, partners eliminate development time, as well as core competence learning curves, to fill a functional gap in their product offerings. EBE is expanding its white label partners to include background verification, training content and dispatch providers.

"The success we achieved this year is a direct result of EBE’s continued investment in the development of applications, cloud computing offerings and additional staffing resources. Last year, 47 percent of our sales revenue was derived from applications introduced to the market within the last four years,” Larry Kerr, President of EBE said. “I feel our continued success is based on EBE’s understanding of the data being produced from our client’s legacy systems such as dispatch, accounting and mobile communications and how our applications can determine an exception or complete a transaction without review. In addition, our applications become a single point of entry for transaction data, eliminating the need to re-enter data between systems- a specific operational challenge for many carriers.”

Significant resources have been, and will continue to be, dedicated to the development of EBE’s next generation of the SHIPS® platform. The SHIPS® 6.0 release provides extensive use of web services and responsive interfaces which will allow our clients to make changes to outward facing web applications that will provide more configuration and administration functions. The new version will also provide for increased efficacies during the initial application deployment. A phased release is scheduled to be in production by December, 2016 with a full release scheduled for the second quarter of 2017. 

“We are currently working with a group of clients to prepare for the SHIPS® 6.0 system. The additional integration points and configuration functions will provide an exceptional experience in the implementation and management of the SHIPS® solutions,” Kerr said. 

Forecasts for 2017 look quite positive based on EBE’s historical growth as well as the current and future product portfolio. As EBE’s footprint of product offerings expand throughout the enterprise, its current clients continue to extend SHIPS® solutions throughout multiple operational areas to achieve similar benefits. New client adoption will be focused on the replacement of legacy document imaging systems, new and enhanced solutions in recruiting, safety and risk, vehicle maintenance, learning management system (LMS) and accounts payable applications, and rapid acceptance of EBE’s mobile applications.

“My personal thanks goes out to our clients as well as the EBE team. Without our clients’ continued loyalty and the team’s dedication and long hours, we would not be able to achieve our vision,” added Kerr.

About EBE Technologies, Inc. 
EBE is the leading provider of Transportation Specific Content and Process Management Applications. Serving nearly 600 clients, EBE has made a positive impact throughout their organizations in the areas of billing, settlements and accounts payable; recruiting, onboarding, safety, risk and training; carrier management, fleet maintenance and mobile and data capture. Our next generation of workflow solutions allow our clients to work by exception to maximize productivity, control costs, and increase profits across the Enterprise through the use of Automated Decision Support. Our integrated approach positions our clients to maximize their legacy system investments while extending the value of EBE’s solution portfolio.

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