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On-Demand Orientation

Web-Based Orientation Portal

On-Demand Orientation is a paperless, self-paced orientation process that provides carriers the ability to present orientation documents to drivers electronically. Instead of filling out countless pieces of paper that require much of the data that has been received throughout the hiring process, the system presents web pages where drivers need only provide the variable information for each form. When the forms are completed, the data can then be exported to the appropriate enterprise systems such as dispatch, HR, payroll, etc. An electronic image is also created of each page to be stored as part of the driver’s file. This eliminates the need to rekey, scan or copy documents as well as speeds up the process of completing these forms since only the variable information needs to be provided.
Additionally, an administrative dashboard is presented to the processors and orientation leads to monitor and audit the completion of each form. Through the use of a forms manager tool carriers have the ability to create and edit forms whenever necessary.
The On-Demand Orientation application offers carriers the opportunity of shortening the overall on site orientation time. Because the forms can be made available to the driver through the applicant web portal, drivers can access and complete these documents prior to arriving at orientation. Less time in the classroom means they will be on the road delivering loads sooner!
Add SHIPS Learning Management System (LMS) to create a complete orientation and training program. SHIPS LMS provides carriers the ability to create a customized training program including in-house and third-party training content. Content options include PowerPoint, Video,Tests, Signature Release Forms. Integrated with SHIPS Recruiting and Driver Management Applications, carriers can offer new hire and on going training throughout the enterprise.


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