Recruiting & Retention


Accept or Reject Applicants Based on Carrier-Defined Standards

In the Qualification phase, applicant ranking and status is a determined by either the points accumulated from the application process or detection of specific behavior such as criminal activity or DUI conviction. Applicants are then color coded and moved into workflow based on assigned status. Applicants meeting the highest standards are coded green; those that fall below the acceptable range are coded red and hidden from the active applicant workflow. Applicants are coded yellow and moved to a review status if they don’t score high enough to be considered a good applicant, but not poor enough to be disqualified. Applicants can also be moved into a “soft DQ status” when certain criteria is not met at the current time, such as age or number of years of experience. This group of applicants can be kept in the forefront and brought back to the active candidate pool when requirements are met.

SHIPS also qualifies Owner/Operator equipment , Drivers and Fleet Owners based on their driving experience as well as the criteria set for equipment type. Parallel workflows are executed for both the vehicle and the driver and are qualified based on the assessment of both.

Integration to Testing Services

To complement the qualification matrix, carriers may engage with third party behavior testing services.  SHIPS Recruiting software can integrate with many of these services to streamline the administration of these tests.  Upon submission of the application, the system can automatically send the link to the applicant.  Once completed, the results may be included in the driver's record to provide addiional insight to the driver's qualifications.  At anytime during the vetting process, a driver may be re-scored to aid in the evaluation of the driver.


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