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Riverside Transport Success Story

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Connect Mobile Capture Streamlines Billing & Settlements Process 

“We’ve always wanted to give our drivers the ability to use a mobile app, eliminating the need for truck-stop scanning and allowing drivers to turn in paperwork immediately. With SHIPS and Connect Mobile Capture, we have been able to reduce our billing cycle by a full day. One of the main reasons we decided to move forward with SHIPS was because of EBE’s knowledge and focus on transportation. Partnering with a company that knows the industry was very important to us," said Brian Hedge, IT Manager, Riverside Transport.

Riverside Transport was founded in 1993 with 10 owner-operators and 20 trailers. Now, the company boasts a fleet of 425 trucks, and its freight network ranges from over the road long haul, short haul regional, local, refrigerated, and dedicated services. Based in Kansas City, KS, with terminal operations in Owensboro, KY, Chattanooga, TN, and Centralia, WA, Riverside Transport services 48 states and Canada with a wide variety of freight ranging from retail products to packaging and industrial materials to machinery. Riverside Transport continually strives to be a top employer while providing superior service to their customers.


Riverside Transport used a third-party indexing service with hosting and imaging solutions in their back office. The inefficiencies associated with the amount of paperwork in their billing and settlement processes led to increased overhead, and its lack of scalability to adapt to the company’s changing business needs prevented Riverside from managing their growing enterprise. Riverside needed a workflow imaging system that integrated with their existing TMS -- TMW Suite -- while eliminating the manual processes and providing the efficiency they were looking for.


Riverside Transport selected SHIPS with Connect Mobile Capture, a mobile application that is an alternative to in-cab scanning. EBE’s ability to integrate with the company’s current software, as well as providing a system that offers process improvement that can be customized and built upon as their business needs changed, made the SHIPS solution a logical choice for Riverside. The addition of Connect Mobile Capture as a connected part of the whole solution was seen as a major advantage in the company’s objective to improve inefficiencies and drive down costs.


Increased Driver Satisfaction
Riverside does not require their drivers to use the CMC application, but they have had a fairly high adoption rate nonetheless, with a majority of their drivers actively using it. The application has been an asset for the drivers in their organization. Drivers no longer have to wait until they get to a truck stop to scan in documents, but can do it right from their mobile devices. Notifications of missing or late paperwork are sent directly to the driver prior to their payroll cut-off times, so drivers can correct any issues and submit their completed paperwork faster. This results in a faster settlement payment as well, since Riverside’s settlement processors are able to handle the paperwork from 50% more drivers than before.

Improved Efficiency and Customer Relationship
With drivers who have adopted the CMC application, Riverside has seen an over 90% indexing rate, an unexpected benefit of implementing the solution. This automated indexing allows back office staff to work by exception, touching only the paperwork that has been put into an exception workflow while all other paperwork is automatically entered into the system. This eliminates manual processes and increases productivity within the back office. Additionally, Riverside’s customers who are detention-oriented are satisfied that the paperwork is completed in a much more efficient and timely manner. Prior to adopting the SHIPS solution, Riverside’s back office staff would manually email the invoices to their customers. Now, that process is completely automated, resulting in improved invoicing that makes their customers happy.

Cost Savings
Thanks to the increased efficiencies related to the automated indexing and elimination of manual processes in their back office, Riverside Transport has been able to reduce their billing cycle by a full day. This translates to significant cost savings in printing and overhead, now that their back office employees no longer have to print out relevant paperwork multiple times and instead scan in the necessary information and automatically add it to multiple orders. Additionally, the company has repurposed some back office employees to other areas of the company while still growing their business and remaining competitive in the industry.


The next solution Riverside Transport plans to implement is the SHIPS Accounts Payable solution, which will allow the company to continue to consolidate their imaging solutions into a single product, thus increasing efficiencies even further.

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Riverside Transport


Riverside needed a workflow imaging system that integrated with their existing TMS, while eliminating the manual processes and providing the efficiency they were looking for. Additionally, Riverside wanted a scalable solution that would adapt to changing business needs and allow the company to meet customer demand and continue to be competitive in the industry.


SHIPS Content Management and Automated Decision Support Solution with Connect Mobile Capture was selected for its process improvement capabilities and mobile application to increase efficiencies in billing and settlements. 


Reduce the amount of manual entry by over 90%

Reduced billing cycle by 1 day

Settlement processors are able to handle 50% more drivers in the same amount of time

Increased driver satisfaction due to quicker paperwork submittal and faster settlements

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