Workflow Solutions

SHIPS Workflow Solutions Manage Your Data, Documents and Imaging Information.

SHIPS workflows consist of applications that are configured to automate the repetitive processes that are labor intensive, experience high staff turnover and, when not performed properly, impact customer service and cash flow.  Through integration with disparate systems, such as dispatch, accounting, data contained in documents and mobile communications systems, EBE's process manager can determine whether a document or data element is within or out of your company's defined business standards.  Based on this criteria, the  transaction will be automatically completed, requiring no manual intervention or placed in an excepton queue to be reviewed by the responsible personnel.
Through working by exception, EBE's clients realize productivity gains over 100% and improve the accuracy of the task for which the workflow is designed o automate.
EBE's workflows are capable of integrating with most existing imaging systems.


Companies have benefited from SHIPS workflow solutions in many operational areas including:

  • Billing & Settlements
  • Recruiting
  • Safety & CSA 2010 
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Driver Performance
  • Carrier Qualification & On-boarding
  • Carrier File Management 
  • Log Violation Management
  • Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Roadside Violations

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