Driver Performance Management Solution for Transportation

Gather, Identify, Analyze, and Track your Driver Performance Data, Allowing you to Respond in Near Real-Time to Both At-Risk and Positive Behavior

Driver Performance Management

Driver Performance Management Solution for Transportation: Keep Your Drivers and Fleet Safe While Protecting your Bottom Line.

driver performanceDrivers are more satisfied and less likely to look for new jobs if they believe they are being treated fairly, equally, and with respect. Setting measurable goals and communicating those objectives establishes their expectations. SHIPS Driver Performance Management tools provide them with the visibility and power to take more ownership in managing their careers.


Driver Performance Management Solution Highlights:
  • Monitor and respond automatically to driver performance data such as mpg, over-speed, idle time, rapid acceleration/deceleration, fuel usage and distance traveled, with integration into mobile communications.
  • Monitor drivers' on-time delivery performance through dispatch integration.
  • Through workflow, respond immediately to at-risk and positive driver behavior to improve fleet safety and driver satisfaction.
  • Publish company and driver scorecards to incentivize drivers through safety recognition programs.
  • Track and respond to customer feedback providing opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, management coaching, and driver recognition.


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