Driver Scorecards

Identify At-Risk Drivers at a Glance

Driver ScorecardSHIPS Driver Management platform is designed to monitor multiple facets of driver behavior. Identified behavior may result in the assignment and management of positive or corrective actions through dynamic workflow events which are defined by each carrier. As a by-product of this process, drivers can incur points and measures for their behavior which can then be rolled up into a single scorecard. Scorecards can showcase all behavior and the defined metrics or filtered information based on specific events.

The driver scorecard is defined based on carrier needs and can be made available to management, leadership as well as drivers. It becomes a very useful tool for identifying your best AND most at-risk drivers. It not only provides insight, but gives you a leg up on acting on behavior which can potentially jeopardize the safety of your fleet. Scorecarding can also serve as a great retention tool and way to promote "friendly" competition among drivers to raise the bar toward excellence. Having a tool that monitors all of the relevant events rolled up into one single driver scorecard eliminates the need for managers to retrieve information from various websites, databases or spreadsheets to get a 360-degree view of the driver. This means less time tracking data and more time spent with drivers.

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