Driver Telematics Data Management Solution for Transportation

Driver Telematics Data Management Solution for Transportation: Put Your Telematics Data to Good Use

Driver PerformanceWith integration into your telematics solutions such as mobile communication devices,on-board cameras and dispatch systems, SHIPS Driver Performance Management solutions automatically gather, identify, analyze, and track your driver performance data, allowing you to respond in near real-time to both at-risk and positive behavior. Driven by your company's safety practices, workflow will execute auto-response activities to your drivers including alerts, notifications, warning or recognition letters, training, and meeting assignments. Contained in one view, a single snapshot of the driver's behavior can be displayed through the driver's profile window. Instead of accessing multiple portals, spreadsheets, and databases, out-of-standard events such as hours of service violations, daily vehicle inspection reports, speed, idle time, hard braking, on-time performance, and customer feedback can be viewed in one place.

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