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Driver LifeCycle Management Solutions for Transportation Companies

SHIPS Recruiting and Driver Management Solutions are an Integrated Product Suite that Manage Driver Activities throughout the Driver LifeCycle

Driver LifeCycle Management

Driver Lifecycle ManagementDriver LifeCycle Management Solutions for Transportation:
Hired to Retired - We've Got you Covered!

EBE offers a complete end-to-end solution to manage all driver-related activities. The SHIPS Driver LifeCycle suite of applications provide a standardized, paperless approach to recruiting, onboarding and compliance management.

Once onboarded, CSA and Safety and Compliance workflows monitor the driver's driver qualification files, roadside inspection and violation activity, training, DVIR compliance and even driver performance data such as mpg, idle time, and hard braking. Providing alerts to out-of-standard behavior and automatically assigning corrective activities and tracking those activities through completion allows managers to spend more time with drivers and less time looking for at-risk behavior. And, all of this information is rolled up into one single driver dashboard and scorecard eliminating the need for managers to retrieve information from various websites, databases, or spreadsheets to get a 360-degree view of the driver.

Driver LifeCycle Management Solution Highlights:
  • Hire qualified drivers more quickly while reducing labor costs.
  • Improve driver retention.
  • Identify and react to "at risk" behavior and improve regulatory compliance.
  • Improve company and driver CSA BASIC safety scores.
  • Operate a safer and more profitable fleet.


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