Settlement Assistant Solution for Transportation Companies

Settlement Assistant Solution for Transportation:
Automate Settlement Statuses to Improve Driver Satisfaction

Settlement AssistantToday's transportation industry landscape is putting drivers in control, and placing demands on carriers to be more competitive. Get a leg up on your competition and stay connected with your drivers with EBE's Settlement Assistant.

This application allows carriers to create touch points with their drivers regarding a settlement status, automatically alerting drivers when paperwork is late or missing and assisting them to better manage their pay, increasing driver satisfaction AND retention.


Settlement Assistant Solution Highlights:
  • Change driver behavior to submit trip documents in near real-time.
  • Reduce the need for back office staff to call drivers for late or missing paperwork.
  • Alert your drivers to pending payroll cut-off periods.
  • Minimize driver conflicts related to settlement expectations.
  • Reduce driver turnover through improved communications.
  • Provide KPIs for driver scorecarding and incentive programs.


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