fbpx Fleet Maintenance Software Solution for Transportation Companies

Fleet Maintenance Software Solution for Transportation

Optimize Your Internal or Outsourced Maintenance Operations

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Software Solution for Transportation: Gain Control and Optimize Your Fleet Maintenance Operations

Fleet Maintenance Software for Transportation CompaniesSHIPS Fleet Maintenance Software Solution allows you to optimize your internal or outsourced maintenance operations by streamlining all aspects of your maintenance processes. SHIPS Fleet Maintenance Software also interfaces with EBE's Purchase Order application to create zero-balance purchase orders when replacing a warranty part. Through this transportation maintenance software, your personnel can monitor and manage all aspects of fleet maintenance; from parts warranty information, to depreciation of asset values, to DVIR citations and personnel certifications -- ensuring that your staff makes the right decisions and avoids unnecessary equipment downtime. Our fleet maintenance software also integrates with our transportation compliance solutions, including Roadside Inspection Management, Driver Qualification File Management, and Driver Performance Management.


Fleet Maintenance Software Solution Highlights:
  • Reduce operating costs through increased visibility to parts costs and operations performance.
  • Increase driver satisfaction through reduced downtime and quick response to breakdowns.
  • Increase mechanic productivity through KPI monitoring.
  • Ensure CSA compliance.
  • Maximize inventory investment.
  • Increase asset life and utilization.
  • Improve warranty recovery process.

Asset Management

  • SHIPS Fleet Maintenance Software Solution can be the system of record for your assets or, through integration, can leverage the data residing in your dispatch system.
  • Relevant documents such as certificates, manuals, warranties, recalls, and other information concerning an asset are maintained within the fleet maintenance software system.
  • Breakdown workflow applications integrate purchasing and ComCheck MasterCard functionality.
  • Detain assets that have CSA-weighted driver vehicle inspection report failures via dispatch integration.

Work Orders

  • Create work orders from electronic or paper driver vehicle inspection reports which are then automatically routed through workflow to assign a technician and set priorities.
  • Update asset availability status in dispatch and provide alerts for repair completion.
  • Create GL codes using labor, parts, and miscellaneous expenses contained within the work order and breakdown documents.
  • Interface with COMPASS website to retrieve roadside inspection reports to create work orders as needed.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Schedule maintenance based on meter readings, time intervals, or customer-configured settings.
  • Recall items are automatically scheduled with other fleet maintenance activities.
  • Track scheduled maintenance by asset type and parts needed to ensure parts are stocked for scheduled events.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Interface with EBE's driver recruiting and transportation compliance systems to track certification and licenses for mechanics.
  • Interface into EBE's enterprise document management system to control access to documents.
  • Provides visibility through system logs to audit all fleet maintenance actions performed on each record.

Inventory Management

  • Tracks purchases, prices, and quantities of inventory.
  • Automatically submits request for quotes to suppliers when part levels reach the re-order level.
  • Interfaces with EBE's enterprise document management system for electronic importing of price quotes received via e-mail.

Best Pricing Alerts

SHIPS Fleet Maintenance Software Solution allows you to "shop around," without the legwork. The purchasing functionality provides visibility into best-priced parts when purchasing from vendors, allowing you to make cost-effective and informed inventory replenishment decisions each time.

Warranty/Recall Watch

  • Tracks warranty parts by time, meter, or miles.
  • Interfaces with the PO Manager to create a zero-balance PO when replacing a warranty part.
  • Provides automated workflows that monitor warranty reimbursement payments from vendors.
  • Creates alerts for drivers to bring warranty parts back to a terminal location when work is performed outside the service network.


  • Report-on-demand functionality delivers customizable reports as needed or triggered on a schedule.
  • Offers more than 75 standard reports with the ability to filter customized results as needed.
  • Generates detailed parts performance reports based on cost, meter, or production life.
  • Creates and provides visibility to KPI information by mechanic, asset & facility.


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