Enterprise Document Management System for Transportation Companies

A.I. Workflow Solutions Utilizing the Work by Exception Methodology

Imaging & Workflow

Enterprise Document Management System for Transportation: Document Imaging Software with Automated Workflow Solutions

EBE's expertise in document imaging and automated workflow beginning in the mid-1980s has led to the development of the SHIPS Process Management Solution, which utilizes document imaging software and leverages automated workflows. EBE's  innovation in A.I. workflow solutions utilizes the work by exception methodology, which allows our clients to only process those transactions that are out of standard. These solutions allow EBE's clients to staff departments to meet exception processing needs rather than the total volume of transactions, thus realizing substantial savings.

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EBE's clients utilize enterprise document management within the following departments:

  • Billing & Settlements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Invoice Resolution
  • Collections
  • Carrier Onboarding & Logistics

Key Benefits of a Document Management System:

  • Improve personnel performance and productivity.
  • Improve billing accuracy which reduces the necessity of freight bill dispute resolutions.
  • Eliminate manual data entry among disparate applications.
  • Streamline accounts payable processes.
  • Provide superior customer experience.
  • Improve driver retention through settlement visibility & accuracy.
  • Identify and react to shipper's adverse payment practices more quickly.

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