fbpx Accounts Payable Workflow Solution for Transportation Companies

Accounts Payable Workflow Solution for Transportation Companies

Accounts Payable Workflow Solution for Transportation: Drive Efficiency in Your Back Office

Accounts Payable Workflow Solution for Transportation

Enterprises are increasingly aware that paper- and people-based processes lead to high AP transaction costs and missed business opportunity. Carriers not only need a reliable content management solution, but workflow is the primary return on investment within an automated AP process.

Utilizing AP systems provides accountability to a carrier's suppliers to ensure duplicate payments or invoice discrepancies are eliminated, thus retaining a carrier's cash reserve. Integration of best-in-class accounts payable solutions provide lower invoice processing costs and improved accuracy through:

  • Creating POs during the purchasing process.
  • Importing invoices through email.
  • Processing OCR forms.
  • Automated invoice matching and GL coding.
  • Workflow routing and document check-in.
  • Mobile capture of documents from terminals.
  • Supplier portal and auto posting of data to the accounting systems.

EBE's Content Management System with Accounts Payable Workflow positions companies to implement solutions supporting accounts payable best practices. The SHIPS system executes automated, AI-supported processes that control revenue leaks created by the resolution process, reduces vendor invoicing errors, and eliminates overpaying for purchased items.

Improvements in process visibility have helped carriers experience benefits such as fewer late payments, faster processing time, and reduced labor costs due to invoice resolution activity.

Key Benefits of EBE's Accounts Payable Workflow Solution for Transportation:
  • Eliminate duplicate payments.
  • Reduce research and retrieval time.
  • Routed to approver based on responsibility.
  • Ensures that all payments are subject to payment based on set business rules.
  • Productivity reports are generated and sent to supervisor.

Purchase Order Manager

SHIPS Accounts Payable solution includes a PO Manager that allows individuals to create a purchase order using a mobile-based application. This solution integrates with a company's accounting and maintenance systems to utilize vendor codes and individual purchasing limits to control individual purchases. The PO Manager application is fully integrated with EBE's Fleet Maintenance Application as well as other industry-leading fleet maintenance applications to automatically create a purchase order at the time of purchase, rather than wait until an invoice is created. Once the PO is sent to the vendor, it is placed in workflow so that when the invoice is received, it is electronically investigated to ensure it is within payment tolerance.

The SHIPS PO Manager may be used for non-maintenance purchase such as computer supplies, services, and other operational expenses.

PO Manager Solution Benefits:
  • Eliminate invoice creep by matching the invoice to the PO.
  • Implement best practices for purchasing.
  • Control purchases based on responsibility and budgets.
  • KPI report on best price for services and products.
  • Eliminate the routing of invoices for approval in lieu of PO data.


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