fbpx Automated Billing and Settlements Solution for Transportation

Automated Billing and Settlements Solution for Transportation Companies

Automated Billing and Settlements Solution for Transportation Companies: Take Your Process to the Next Level

Transportation companies are always looking for ways to improve operating efficiencies and one of the first areas typically targeted is billing and settlement operations. 

Billing and Settlements Solution for TransportationSHIPS AI-powered workflow solutions integrate data from intermediaries' and shippers' websites, dispatch, and accounting systems for seamless interoperability among critical systems. By doing so, repetitive data entry is eliminated, real-time visibility to operational data improves management, and  response workflows are initiated based on data pulled from your disparate systems throughout the enterprise, improving operational efficiencies.


Key Benefits of EBE's Automated Billing and Settlements Solution:
  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by ensuring consistent execution of standardized processes.
  • Improve cash flow by eliminating delays in billing.
  • Reduce aged accounts through real-time monitoring.
  • Increase customer and driver satisfaction.
  • Avoid costly errors by sending real-time alerts to key personnel regarding exceptions or out-of-standard events.
  • Reduce driver turnover through improved settlement accuracy and frequency.
  • Mitigate risk with easy access to historic documents and records.
  • Improve accountability through the tracking and management of daily activities.

Billing Integrated with Dispatch

Utilize the SHIPS Navigator AI engine for ultimate interoperability among your disparate systems and improve your billing staff productivity. The Navigator provides complete integration into dispatch and allows the solution to compare statuses within the dispatch system to content being received within the billing function. Any out-of-standard statuses are routed to the appropriate personnel for correction. Through this process, billers are only presented with transactions that can be completed, improving their productivity. Based on the information in the dispatch system, workflow can set the invoice to be released without manual review, further improving productivity within the billing department.

Immediate Proof of Delivery Notification

Many times shippers want proof of delivery (POD) of a transaction immediately upon receipt at the carrier. EBE has created the immediate POD notification workflow which monitors a bill-to code, stop code, and commodity code of a move. When a criteria is met, a POD can be sent to multiple recipients via fax, email, or web posting, prior to billing.

Key Benefits of Immediate Proof of Delivery Notification:
  • Eliminates the manual emailing of POD documents.
  • Provides consistency in service.
  • Provides a substantial ROI based on activities.
  • POD internet lookup and image-enabled tracking provides access to view and print documents via the internet through a secure login.

Accounts Receivable Processing/Rendition Printing

The Accounts Receivable Processing/Rendition Printing application within the SHIPS Billing solution speeds up processing and cuts costs.

With rendition printing, your processing staff won't waste time searching, copying, printing, faxing and emailing load- or driver-related supporting documents required for invoicing. Since all documents are tied to a bill-to code, SHIPS automatically gathers and collates your invoices and required documents. Customers receive complete and accurate supporting documentation along with their invoices, minimizing delays in payment. Based on customer preference, images of documents may be reduced in size, allowing multiple images on a single page and reducing mailing costs. In addition, invoices that are emailed may be combined into a single PDF, simplifying invoice management and payment by the shipper.

Accounts Receivable Processing/Rendition Printing Solution Highlights:
  • Automatically gather, sort by bill-to code, render, reduce and generate documents.
  • Optional delivery capabilities include: fax, email, local print and mail or remote print via TCP/IP.
  • Improve DSO through more accurate billing.
  • Improve customer retention through flexible invoice formatting.

Settlement Assistant

Today's transportation industry landscape is putting drivers in control, and placing demands on carriers to be more competitive. Get a leg up on your competition and stay connected with your drivers with EBE's Settlement Assistant. This application allows carriers to create touch points with their drivers regarding a settlement status, automatically alerting drivers when paperwork is late or missing and assisting them to better manage their pay, increasing driver satisfaction AND retention.

With this application, you can:
  • Change driver behavior to submit trip documents in near-real-time.
  • Reduce the need for back office staff to call drivers for late or missing paperwork.
  • Alert your drivers to pending payroll cut-off periods.
  • Minimize driver conflicts related to settlement expectations.
  • Reduce driver turnover through improved communications.
  • Provide KPIs for driver scorecarding and incentive programs.

Website Status & Document Updates

More often the trend in the industry is for shippers to require carriers to update shipment status and documents into portals. Many times there are KPI performance rates associated with the timeliness and accuracy of such information.

Through SHIPS Internet Data Exchange, data from the TMS can be sent to a shipper's web portal based on updated statuses (such as arrival, loaded, and departure times) in the TMS. The SHIPS system looks for discrepancies between the expected amount and the carrier's actual amount, and if found, the transaction is sent to a workflow for resolution.

With this application, you can:
  • Improve the accuracy of status updates through the elimination of keystrokes.
  • Lower cost through automation.
  • Gain consistency in updates to improve customer relations.
  • Provide audit trails to ensure compliance with shipper's standards.


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