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Invoice Resolution for Transportation Companies

Invoice Resolution for Transportation Companies: Everything You Need to Handle Invoice Exceptions, Automatically

Invoice Resolution for TransportationFor many carriers, invoice resolution is a manual process that consists of printing reports, searching for images of invoices, and routing paper among departments for write-downs and cash applied approvals. EBE's Invoice Resolution workflow utilizes the SHIPS Navigator AI engine to monitor cash applied tables within the accounting system and automatically route transactions that are underpaid or overpaid to the appropriate personnel. Information routed includes images of the freight bill and other supporting documents, along with the variance within the accounting system, so your personnel have everything they need -- automatically. In addition, you get KPI information regarding the time needed for the resolution, and transaction history such as write-down approvals.

Invoice Resolution Solution Highlights:
  • Workflow presents necessary activities, eliminating the need for generating reports.
  • Routing is performed automatically, which reduces the inefficiencies of manual routing.
  • Customer service is improved due to write-downs occurring prior to the collections process.
  • Biller and shipper KPI scorecarding provide the visibility to assess and coach your personnel as well as identify and manage shipper expectations.

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