fbpx Rate Contract Management for Load Tender Automation

Rate Contract Management Solution for Transportation Companies

Rate Contract Management Solution to Automate Load Tenders

Load Tender AutomationA missed load tender can cost the carrier detention charges, put stress on the customer relationship, disrupt operations to cover a missed pickup, and cause driver dissatisfaction. Load tenders may be received in a variety of ways, including via emails to individuals, emails to corporate accounts, calls from shippers, or faxes. A response to such transactions cannot be acknowledged or managed successfully unless they are placed in a workflow solution. For this reason, EBE has created a comprehensive Rate Contract Management solution to help carriers address this complex process, ensuring the efficient accountability, management, and tracking of load tenders regardless of their originating source.

Our Rate Contract Management solution automatically consolidates load tenders into a workflow which sends the shipper an acknowledgement of receipt, and routes the load tender to the appropriate personnel for review and acceptance or rejection. If accepted, an EDI 210 is created for the dispatch system and the load tender is imported and becomes the initial document within the transaction set. If rejected, a rejection notification is sent to the customer so they are aware of the status. In addition, transaction statuses are placed on a website so that shippers can confirm all load tenders have been managed.

Rate Contract Management Solution Benefits:
  • Consistency in order turn-downs and acceptances.
  • More informed decision-making with KPI management reporting.
  • Increased dispatcher productivity.
  • Reduced website data entry.
  • Elimination of lost paper documents.
  • Automated load status updates.
  • Improved detention claims process.
  • Improved shipper relations with more timely and accurate data.
  • Increased profitability.

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