fbpx Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Transportation Companies

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Transportation Companies

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Transportation: Automated Data Entry

Optical Character Recognition for Transportation

SHIPS OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Automated Data Entry solution reduces the time, energy, and errors associated with manual data entry processes. This dynamic solution reads text, optical marks, and laser print to automatically index documents with data contained within the document and your dispatch system.

EBE's clients are realizing up to 94% accuracy when utilizing automated data entry. By reviewing only 5% of the data, invoices and settlements occur more quickly and more accurately, providing improved DSO and driver satisfaction. SHIPS OCR Solution is typically used with EBE's Accounts Payable and Billing workflow process, and interfaces with other document imaging systems.

Key Benefits of OCR Automated Data Entry:
  • Eliminate errors from mis-keyed data, reducing related payment delays.
  • Streamline the error resolution process.
  • Accelerate the billing cycle with automated workflow.
  • Increase driver satisfaction.

In addition to management of documents and images, the SHIPS system provides for the storage and versioning control of Microsoft file formats including integration into Outlook & Exchange. The SHIPS system creates a universal file format that can store and launch the native application when the file is retrieved.

This functionality allows a transaction such as a claim to contain all types of media as it relates to a single claim number, thus eliminating the need for storing information in multiple places.


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