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Learning Management for Transportation Companies

Web-based, Mobile Enabled Training Platform to Use throughout Your Organization

Learning Management System

Learning Management for Transportation Companies: Driver Safety Training and Beyond

Learning Management for Transportation | Driver Safety TrainingThe SHIPS Learning Management System allows carriers to create their own training program that includes both in-house and third-party content. With EBE's learning management solution, you no longer need to be bound by "standard" content and training programs. The system's flexibility and ease of management allows your organization to provide the best training to all employees, from drivers to mechanics to office personnel, with this single platform.

Learning Management System Highlights:
  • Create and maintain your own training content.
  • Generate more revenue by getting drivers on the road more quickly.
  • Manage and track training history.
  • Training comes in multiple format options, and can be self-paced or instructor-led.
  • Mitigate risk by coaching drivers in near real-time and assigning driver safety training based on behavior.
  • Improve driver and customer satisfaction by providing dispatch-specific, video-based instruction.

You control the training content when using SHIPS Learning Management System. Create your own training program in an easily accessible, web-based solution. Users are provided with a framework to embed internally-developed training videos, web pages, PDFs, randomized tests, and more. Third-party content can also be integrated into the solution as part of the training program. Our learning management solution opens the doors to top digital education materials, and gives you the freedom to train and onboard staff in a way that best fits your business model.

A Wide Range of Training Applications

Behaviour/Situational BasedOperations BasedDriver DevelopmentGeneral Employees

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Learning Management System eBook coverLearning Management Systems: More Than a Training Tool

A Learning Management System positively impacts driver orientation and onboarding, safety, and your bottom line. This comprehensive eBook explores various orientation approaches and content types, the impact of an integrated solution, factors to consider when evaluating an LMS, and more.




Solutions that Meet Your Needs

As part of EBE's portfolio of Driver LifeCycle Management Solutions, the learning management solution complements the On-Demand Driver Orientation, Transportation Compliance, and Driver Performance Management applications. When used in conjunction with SHIPS Web-based On-Demand Driver Orientation application, the learning management solution allows applicants to shorten their time in the classroom by completing onboarding packets prior to arriving at driver orientation. SHIPS Driver Performance Management Solutions use data from a variety of sources to trigger the scheduling of specific driver safety training events that comply with a carrier's driver intervention processes, thus mitigating risk and ensuring your drivers have the information they need to be as safe as possible.

"With the SHIPS Learning Management System platform we are able to reduce the amount of time spent in driver orientation by one entire day. This allows them to start driving one day earlier, generating approximately 3,000 days of increased revenue per year and realizing the cost savings associated with the additional travel and lodging expenses. The Web-based learning management solution allows us to execute a consistent training program throughout all of our training centers. The platform's ease of use for both management and drivers has been a driving force in the success of the SHIPS Learning Management System at Covenant."

Rob Hatchett, VP Communications and Recruiting, Covenant Transport

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