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Logistics Management | Carrier Management for Transportation

Software Solutions to Manage the Needs of Brokers, 3PLs, and Logistics Providers

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Logistics Management | Carrier Management for Transportation: Streamline Your Carrier Management Operations

Logistics Management & Carrier Management for TransportationSHIPS Logistics & Carrier Management Software Solution manages the needs of brokers, 3PLs and other transportation companies operating logistics divisions within their organizations. The solution is designed to handle the end-to-end processes associated with carrier management within the logistics network. From qualifying and onboarding carriers, monitoring safety scores, and monitoring necessary compliance documents to automating rate confirmations, providing shipment status and generating invoices and settlements, SHIPS will minimize or eliminate the daunting manual tasks associated with operating an efficient and profitable logistics operation. Your agents can spend more time selling loads and less time shuffling paperwork.

Transportation Logistics & Carrier Management Solution Benefits:

  • Speed up the carrier qualification process.
  • Monitor carrier performance.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Increase freight bookings.
  • Eliminate manual paper handling.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Increase cash flow.

Carrier Qualification

Carrier Qualification begins with a web portal that is available through the logistics provider website. The application presented to the carrier includes qualification information such as equipment type, lanes served, mobile communication capabilities, and other pertinent information necessary to assess the carrier. The information gathered during this process is used to interface into safety, financial, insurance, and other background provider websites. Carriers are kept abreast of the status of their application through the carrier portal while it is being processed within the SHIPS system.

Carrier Packet

Carriers that meet the shipper's qualifications will automatically be sent a carrier packet via paper, fax, email, or web form. The SHIPS system creates a document check-in application for carrier packets, and auto indexing checks in each document type by carrier. Notifications are sent to the carrier if the documents are not received by a given date or if the packet is incomplete. When required documents are received, a carrier file is created and the carrier code is sent to dispatch. Expiration dates on documents are captured during the indexing process and are transferred to the dispatch system, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

Carrier File Management

The SHIPS system offers comprehensive carrier file management. Carrier documents are automatically monitored for expiration dates to insure that only compliant carriers are assigned loads, protecting the secure delivery of your customer's freight. Carriers are notified of impending expirations or non-compliance, and can be placed on non-dispatch status according to your organization's business rules. Active carriers within your network are provided with notifications indicating any necessary actions to take to remain in dispatch status.

Rate Confirmation Management

The SHIPS system includes a rate confirmation management application, which utilizes barcodes to track the contract and alert to pending expirations. The system also provides the opportunity to correspond with the 3PL to make a counter offer or include other comments concerning the contract. All rate confirmations are time- and date-stamped when exported. Returned contracts are placed in workflow for review and, once approved, placed in a ready-for-dispatch queue. Once the order is dispatched, the order is moved into the pending delivery queue and the Shipment Pick-Up Audit form is emailed to the shipper.

Carrier Scorecard

The SHIPS system features the Carrier Scorecard, which provides a snapshot of the carrier's performance. Data generated in workflows or gathered from FMCSA or other web portals is integrated into a single view. Based upon the measured performance criteria, workflows can be triggered to execute specific tasks such as removing a carrier from active service or generating and sending a low performance notification. The SHIPS system monitors standard metrics, but other data sources may be included to meet your organization's specific needs.


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