fbpx Driver Recruiting Software Solution for Transportation Companies

Driver Recruiting Software Solution for Transportation

Workflow-Based Solutions Position your Company for the Greatest Degree of Success in Hiring Qualified Drivers More Quickly and Efficiently

Recruiting & Onboarding

Driver Recruiting Software Solution for Transportation:
Hire Qualified Drivers More Quickly And Drive Down Costs

Driver Recruiting SoftwareThe importance of qualifying drivers to your company specifications while adhering to regulatory policy, company standards and EEO practices is critical in your efforts. With SHIPS driver recruitment management system, your company is assured of executing a consistent process to assess and onboard every single applicant. SHIPS driver recruiting software solution uses workflow to standardize and automate the repetitive activities within your recruiting department to position your company for the greatest degree of success in hiring qualified drivers more quickly and efficiently.

Gathering documents and completing onboarding forms is a vital component of ensuring that the driver's background meets regulatory and company standards. From requesting MVRs, PSPs, Criminal Reports, and obtaining Employment History to collecting HR and Safety-related forms, SHIPS Driver Recruiting solution ensures that a comprehensive DQ File is created when the driver is onboarded. And, integrations with leading industry partners makes this a completely seamless and paperless process.

Once the driver has been onboarded, our driver recruiting software solution provides additional opportunities for improvements in accuracy and timeliness in activating the driver in your dispatch and mobile communication systems. Data that is collected throughout the hiring process can then be automatically exported into those operational systems, minimizing (and in some cases, completely eliminating) the need for manual data entry. Additionally, the DQ file is now ready to be managed through EBE's Driver Qualification File Management Workflow solution.

SHIPS Driver Recruiting Software Solution ensures compliance, accuracy and quality every step of the way.
  • Responsive driver employment application scales to mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop viewing.
  • Automated qualification matrix scores applicants to prioritize the candidates.
  • Background report provider integration for seamless requests of MVRs, CDLs, PSP, drug and alcohol and criminal reports.
  • Employment verification requests automatically delivered to previous employers, then tracked, monitored and re-sent if not returned.
  • Required DOT, company and EEO documents validated and checked documents check-in.
  • Integration to dispatch, mobile communications and other third-party applications minimizes the need for redundant data entry.
  • Create position- and/or location-specific job orders which can be posted to job boards as well as the carriers' direct employment application.
  • Automated notifications including emails, texts, and portal messages to alert candidates of pending requests.
  • Marketing campaigns to communicate to either inactive applicants or candidates who have left an application unfinished.
  • Complete reporting functionality to analyze trends, lead sources, bottlenecks and personnel productivity.

Driver Onboarding Software for Transportation Companies

SHIPS Driver Onboarding tools span from managing paperwork to remote, classroom and in-cab training. Our On-Demand Driver Orientation solution is a paperless, self-paced, or classroom-led orientation process that provides carriers the ability to present orientation documents to drivers electronically. Our Web-based Learning Management solution complements the On-Demand Driver Orientation module as it accommodates virtually any type of training strategy a carrier may choose to implement. From remote training to classroom-based training, carriers have a wide array of flexibility in how classes are developed, created, executed and managed. No two carriers are alike and neither should be their driver onboarding processes. With both the On-Demand Driver Orientation module and Learning Management System, carriers have the ability to create their own proprietary programs based on safety needs and company culture.

SHIPS Driver Onboarding Solutions get drivers on the road safer and more quickly.
  • Web-based, personalized driver onboarding session reduces the need for unnecessary forms to be included in a driver's packet.
  • Web access provides the opportunity for drivers to complete forms remotely, reducing the amount of time spent onsite completing paperwork.
  • Auto-filled forms shorten the time to complete the documents.
  • Auditor's dashboard provides visibility to the status of all driver packets and completed documents.
  • Auditors can review/audit and suggest corrections electronically to the driver, eliminating the need to reprint inaccurate documents.
  • Information entered in one form carries over to all forms containing the same field, reducing the amount of data entry required by the driver.
  • Completed forms are imaged and stored in the driver's electronic DQ file.
  • Flexible training design allows each driver to have a unique training experience.
  • Training can be delivered remotely or in the classroom, self-paced or instructor-led.
  • Ability to create multiple types of content including, tests, videos, signature pages, PDFs, Website links, surveys, road test assessment forms and surveys.
  • Real-time tracking for assessment and coaching.

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