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Driver Employment Application Solution for Transportation Companies

Driver Employment Application Solution for Transportation: Easy to Complete, Easy to Submit and Quicker to Respond

Driver Employment Application ManagementEBE offers a fully responsive Web-based driver employment application that is "driver friendly" regardless of the device from where an applicant may be accessing the application. The driver employment application may be configured to allow carriers to present multiple versions of the application depending on the company's strategy and resources to manage the submitted applications including:

  1. Quick Apply/Lead Form: The form gathers contact information and minimal qualifying questions for carriers to have the ability to reach out those applicants meeting the initial qualifications.
  2. Short Application: Gathers carrier defined information, typically including additional questions and signed release forms. This application positions carriers to be able to begin background investigations and employment verifications.
  3. Full DOT compliant application: This application can be presented to the applicant after the short application is completed to collect all of the DOT and company required information. This application can be used as the DOT compliant application required for onboarding.

Carriers can choose to implement any or all of the above application types.

Intelligent Applicant Tracking System

SHIPS Web-based driver employment application provides the means for drivers to submit their background information, work history, licenses, accidents and any additional items required for DOT compliance or company policy. Throughout the application process the data is validated for accuracy and completeness and the system acts as an applicant tracking system to monitor the driver's applicant status. To speed up the process of requesting background reports and employment verifications, an internet digital signature capability is built into the application so that drivers can authorize the release of background information upon submission.

Applicant Portal Keeps Drivers Connected

Drivers are immediately provided with feedback from the initial submission of the employment application. Through a web portal, the driver has the ability to view the status of their application throughout the qualification and hiring process. In addition to eliminating many of the phone calls in the recruiting department, the portal immediately establishes a direct communication link between your company and the driver.

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