Job Requisition Management

Manage Driver and Non-Driver Job Order Requisitions

Job Order RequisitionThe Job Requisition Management functionality within the SHIPS Recruiting solution allows authorized personnel to create and post job orders based on specific job requirements. This can be used for driver or non-driver positions. The system can track the job order from creation through fulfillment. Reports are available such as "Time to Hire" from when the job order was created to when it was filled as well as real-time statistics on open and closed job orders. Constant visibility to open job orders and applicants associated to job orders is available through easy access filters and queries.

The job orders created can be automatically posted to the company's application landing page as well as third-party job boards. An applicant will preview the specific job opening, review the details and can then be directly linked to the employment application where it will automatically be populated with the specific job to which they are applying. The application can then be routed to the individual who posted the position or follow the routing rules set up by the carrier's recruiting system.

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