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Marketing Campaigns for Transportation Companies

Marketing Campaigns for Transportation Companies:
Staying Connected Improves Driver Recruiting and Retention.

Marketing CampaignsSHIPS Applicant Relationship Management System (ARMS) complements the driver recruiting solution by supporting marketing campaigns. ARMS automates the communication process with previous applicants and past drivers who maintain the potential for future employment. Every applicant or previous driver who is assigned a "re-contact" status in the driver recruiting solution will automatically receive correspondence from the company. The communication plan, including frequency and method (such as emails, postcards, faxes or phone calls) will be determined by the individual's re-contact status.

This system manages the entire marketing campaign process automatically. The tedious manual attention typically required to execute such aggressive marketing strategies is minimized, allowing recruiters' efforts to focus on identifying and processing active candidates. ARMS positions carriers to build relationships with drivers in an effort to develop, maintain and communicate with a larger pool of potential applicants.

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