fbpx On-Demand Driver Orientation for Transportation Companies

On-Demand Driver Orientation for Transportation Companies

On-Demand Driver Orientation for Transportation Companies

Web-Based Driver Orientation Portal

On Demand Driver OrientationOn-Demand Driver Orientation is a paperless, self-paced, or classroom-led driver orientation process that provides carriers the ability to present orientation documents to drivers electronically. Drivers can access these forms prior to arriving at the driver orientation center, reducing hours and in some cases days off of the traditional time spent in the classroom. Carriers offering the packet to the drivers remotely are experiencing a positive impact on their bottom line from reducing hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings from travel and lodging, to increased revenue by assigning the drivers loads more quickly.

An administrative dashboard is presented to the processors and driver orientation leads to monitor and audit the completion of each form. The completed forms are then imaged and stored in the driver's file, serving as the basis for the driver's personnel and DQ file. Forms as well as the data contained in the forms can be exported to third-party systems such as dispatch, HR and payroll.

SHIPS On-Demand Driver Orientation Solution for Transportation eliminates redundant data entry while improving accuracy, timeliness and driver satisfaction.

  • Web-based personal driver onboarding session reduces the need for unnecessary forms to be included in a driver's packet
  • Web access provides the opportunity for drivers to complete forms remotely, reducing the amount of time spent onsite completing paperwork
  • Auto-filled forms shorten the time to complete the documents
  • Auditor's dashboard provides visibility to the status of all driver packets and completed documents.
  • Auditors can review/audit and suggest corrections electronically to the driver, eliminating the need to reprint inaccurate documents
  • Information entered in one form carries over to all forms containing the same field, reducing the amount of data entry required by the driver
  • Completed forms are imaged and stored in the driver's electronic driver file

Add SHIPS Learning Management System (LMS) to create a complete driver orientation and training program. SHIPS LMS provides carriers the ability to create a customized training program including in-house and third-party training content. Content options include PowerPoint, Video, Tests, and Signature Release Forms. Integrated with SHIPS Driver Recruiting and Driver Management Applications, carriers can offer new hire and ongoing training throughout the enterprise.

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