fbpx Driver Qualification and Background Verification for Transportation Companies

Driver Qualification and Background Verification for Transportation Companies

Driver Qualification and Background Verification for Transportation: Assess and Qualify Applicants More Quickly, Accurately and Efficiently.

Driver Qualification

Driver Background ReportsA scoring matrix is used to compare applicant information to qualification criteria defined by the carrier. At a glance, driver recruiters can quickly determine which drivers they should prioritize for review and processing. These driver qualification rules can be defined based on the position applying for or driver status (employee vs. owner/operator). Workflow processes will reflect the specific driver and/or position.

Background Report Verification

Background Reports

During background verification, the driver qualification solution generates requests for MVRs, CDLIS, criminal reports and any other reports required by the carrier to evaluate the applicant. Through direct integration to third-party background report service providers such as HireRight, DriveriQ, Supervision, iiX, DriverFacts and Asurint, the system automatically reads the data on the reports to identify activity. Based on the results, the reports are color-coded and processors are notified of their return. Images of the reports are logged in to the document archive and are available for viewing.

Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

PSP reports are requested through integration with NIC. Once again, the data from the reports is reviewed and measured against the carrier's business rules. Keywords or criteria such as number of jobs, accidents or violations may be used to qualify the applicant. CSA methodology may also be applied to scoring the PSP report.

SPHR/Employment Verification

Employment verification forms are automatically faxed, emailed or sent via mail to carriers based on the work history provided by the applicant. A carrier database is maintained and used as the reference to determine the preferred contact method to deliver the forms. The bar-coded forms are generated and sent to the carriers, so upon return, they are automatically checked in and attached to the driver's file. The system will automatically send second and third requests to carriers that have not returned the forms by the defined time.

Driver Qualification File Management

Document ManagementDuring the driver qualification and verification process, driver files are validated to ensure all information and reports are received at the appropriate time. Required documents are aligned with workflow processes. The driver qualification system automatically assures that all documents required for each task are received before allowing the applicant to move forward in the process. The bar-coding functionality built into the system, integration to background report services and scanning/indexing documents provides for the automated check-in process. All documents and any other activity or movement of the applicant is date- and time-stamped, offering complete audit trail capabilities. All gathered documents are stored in the system viewer and are accessible directly through the driver recruiting software. Both documents and data are maintained in the system while document retention rules are applied to the specific documents.

As the driver moves through the qualification process, the compliance team is assured that a complete DQ file is built and available for review at the time of onboarding.

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