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Reporting Tools for Transportation Companies

Reporting Tools for Transportation Companies:
Insight to Trends, Bottlenecks and Successes

Reporting Tools for TransportationSHIPS Driver Recruiting solution offers a wide range of standard reports designed to help identify basic recruiting analytics. Examples of common reports include lead source, time to hire, new hires per week/month, recruiter productivity, weekly orientation lists, disqualified status analysis, zip code or regional analysis, and more. For more detailed analytics and reporting, carriers have the option of importing all of the recruiting data gathered into their own Business Intelligence systems and third-party reporting tools.

Additionally, EBE's integration capabilities allow you to monitor and fine tune your marketing investments with its ability to send and receive data between third-party marketing agencies and EBE. The analytics and recommendations these agencies offer will help your company modify your marketing strategies executed within the SHIPS software.

To learn more about EBE's Driver LifeCycle Management solutions and how they have helped our customers, view our Customer Success Stories page.

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