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Mobile Capture Solutions for Transportation Companies

SHIPS Mobile: The Power of SHIPS in a No-Touch Mobile Capture Solution

Connect Mobile Capture

SHIPS Mobile No-Touch Workflow Solution places control in the hands of your drivers, supporting contact-free, paperless processing. It is more than an image capture application; it is an integrated, mobile command center that allows your drivers to access and interact with your in-house systems and business partner mobile offerings.The application transforms paperwork into a digital format, without adding time or labor to your operations.

As an enterprise-wide solution, the SHIPS Mobile command center serves as the driver's personal assistant. Based on its configuration and integration options, the command center is the driver's gateway to submit trip documents and photos, view the Message Center to receive alerts to missing or late paperwork, view settlements, access valuable industry partner apps, access the driver portal, and much more.

Quality Images is Key

Capture WizardThe SHIPS Mobile Enterprise Solution features the Capture Wizard, which eliminates poor-quality images by giving the driver immediate in-app feedback by monitoring how the driver is attempting to capture the document. 

This increases employee productivity by eliminating out-bound calls to the driver requesting a document re-scan. And drivers are less frustrated because they know if the Capture Wizard accepts the image, most likely it will be an acceptable document and will be processed efficiently. Couple this with SHIPS Mobile's enhanced border and background recognition and you have a truly driver-friendly application.

Automatically Index Crucial Delivery Documents

Integrated Indexing with Connect Mobile CaptureSHIPS Mobile's integrated indexing functionality saves time and improves a carrier's efficiency. With dispatch integration, when drivers submit documents or photos, key indexes such as driver code, order number, document type, and other key index values are known, so this eliminates the labor associated with performing TMS look-ups, or manually keying in this information from the documents themselves.

Paperwork, documents, and images are captured via the SHIPS Mobile application and are automatically submitted. Since all the documents or images are delivered behind your firewall, you can be invoicing and sending POD notification with minutes of delivery.

Learning Management Tutorial

Learning Management Tutorial with Connect Mobile CaptureThe SHIPS Mobile Solution includes the learning management tutorial that educates and qualifies drivers prior to using the application. The tutorial can be accessed via the driver's mobile device or any internet-connected device. The tutorial will be pre-loaded with the active driver codes in dispatch, so the tutorial can provide reporting on which drivers have completed the course and how they scored.

The tutorial becomes a self-help tool that drivers can revisit at their convenience to learn more about the application's specific functionality. And, if KPI data indicates that a driver needs additional training in a specific area, the carrier's HR or Recruiting department can coach the driver towards the correct learning management module to improve their KPI profile.

See SHIPS Mobile in Action!

Learn more about the unique features of this mobile capture application. Click on the video for an in-depth look at SHIPS Mobile. If you like what you see, contact us to learn more!

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