fbpx eForms Paperless Document Solution for Transportation Companies

eForms Paperless Document Solution for Transportation Companies

eForms Paperless Document Solution for Transportation:
Go Paperless With Electronic Delivery Receipts

eForms Paperless Document Solution for TransportationSHIPS Mobile's electronic delivery receipt (e-DR) functionality replaces traditional printed paper forms and bypasses the limitations of paper delivery receipts, including changes in delivery information, printing time constraints, and hardware failures -- all issues that could result in service interruptions and driver dissatisfaction.

Why Go Digital?

Flexible Features
  • Delivery information can be easily updated on your driver's mobile device to meet your customers' changing requirements.
  • Drivers can update eForm data easily through electronic keyboard OR voice commands.
  • Through integration with dispatch, order information can pre-populate on the eForm and information provided from the point of service will be updated in the TMS.
Cost Savings
  • Delivery receipts are automatically imported and indexed, translating into significant cost savings in overhead and staff productivity.
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed forms, toner, and printer cycles.
Increased Efficiency
  • Delivery receipts are automatically pushed to the driver's mobile device, maximizing the driver's Hours of Service.
  • Eliminate the need to manually enter updated delivery requirements into the dispatch system.
  • Reduce billing delays so your company gets paid more quickly.
Competitive Advantages
  • Provide more accurate delivery data more quickly than your competitors, improving your service reputation among shippers.
  • Adapt to your customers' changing delivery conditions by providing real-time updates to the e-DR, preventing possible discrepancies associated with manual, pen-and-paper corrections.
  • Efficiently deliver POD notification within minutes of delivery.


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