fbpx Enterprise Mobile Capture Solution for Transportation Companies

Enterprise Mobile Capture Solution for Transportation Companies

Enterprise Mobile Capture Solution for Transportation Companies: Connect with Your Drivers Anytime, Anywhere

Enterprise Mobile Capture Solution for TransportationStay connected to your drivers wherever, whenever with EBE's SHIPS Mobile Solution. Whether your driver is sitting in their truck, out on the dock or at home, through their mobile device, SHIPS Mobile keeps them connected to your company 24/7. It's more than an image capture application; it is an integrated, mobile command center that allows your drivers to access and interact with your in-house operations and business partner mobile offerings. An enterprise mobile capture solution for transportation companies, the SHIPS Mobile command center serves as the driver's personal assistant. Based on integration options, the command center is the driver's gateway to confirm receipt of submitted trip documents, receive alerts to compliance document expirations, submit DVIRs, review telematics data against performance standards, be alerted to asset maintenance schedules, and more.


Enterprise Mobile Capture Solution Highlights:
  • SHIPS Mobile and the Driver Portal provide the freedom to drivers to stay connected--ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
  • Capture and manage photos and documents at point of service, reducing delays in billing and settlements.
  • Integration into dispatch validates data accuracy and eliminates manual data entry.
  • Integrates to in-house operations and third-party mobile applications.
  • Settlement Assistant empowers drivers to manage their pay. Drivers can receive alerts to specific missing paperwork by load number ensuring no payday surprises.
  • Integrated training videos with certification reduces errors, improves time to bill and driver satisfaction.
  • KPI Scorecards provide management coaching tools and allows for incentive and recognition programs.
  • Support for various input devices offers wireless scanning flexibility.

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