fbpx Mobile Capture Solution for all Transportation Industry Segments

Mobile Capture Solution for all Transportation Industry Segments

Mobile Capture Solution for all Transportation Industry Segments: Achieve Substantial ROI

Mobile capture Solution for all Transportation Industry SegmentsIn today's competitive transportation and logistics environments, finding solutions to cut costs, improve customer service, and streamline operations is a daunting task. Thanks to ongoing improvements in mobile connectivity and the resulting lower costs, a mobile capture solution has become essential to realizing these benefits.

EBE's SHIPS Mobile application allows drivers to capture documents, photos, and data to update your dispatch and imaging systems through a smartphone or mobile communication device. Even more, as an enterprise-wide solution, the SHIPS Mobile application is as an integrated mobile command center that serves as the driver's gateway to confirm receipt of submitted trip documents, receive alerts to compliance document expirations, receive driver settlement information, review telematics data against performance standards, be alerted to asset maintenance schedules, and more.

Choose the Mobile Capture Application That Suits Your Business Needs

  • Reduce dispatcher labor.
  • Provide data to shippers with less effort.
  • Automatically sort P&D documents into workflows.
  • Alert drivers and terminal managers to late or missing paperwork.
  • Stop Code InSite to supply the driver with crucial operational or safety instructions.
  • Key index fields for commodities, net/gross gallons, weight, pieces, and more.


  • Connect with any carrier — any time.
  • Provide document access in near real-time.
  • Track carrier location via GPS coordinates.
  • Carrier Portal gives carriers self-service capability to view needed paperwork and driver settlement data, and submit trip documents.
  • Incentivize carriers to quickly submit necessary paperwork.


  • Capture pick-up and delivery documents in near real-time to extend the cross-dock window.
  • Eliminate the expense of traditional scanning and indexing.
  • Provide a more flexible workforce by performing activities during a first-shift work day.
  • Visibility to missing or late paperwork in near real-time.


  • Detention Management feature applies arrival/departure times and detention authorizations directly to the electronic delivery receipt.
  • Reduce service failures and improve customer satisfaction by sending chassis location and number automatically to the driver's mobile device.
  • Frequently updated load assignments keeps the driver informed.
  • Key index values can be associated with document types to capture container numbers or chassis numbers.


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