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Expense Tracker Solution for Transportation Companies

Expense Tracker Solution for Transportation

Expense Tracker Solution for TransportationThe My Expenses feature in EBE's mobile capture application adds value to the owner-operator experience. This expense tracker captures an owner-operator's travel and expense documents for greater organization and efficient retrieval, any time.

This expense tracking tool provides transportation industry leaders with a distinct driver recruiting and retention advantage over the competition!

Expense Tracker Solution Highlights:
  • Expense types such as meals, fuel, lodging, tolls, repairs, and more are easily captured and cataloged within the Driver Portal.
  • Truck drivers can provide access to a spouse or other third party for more efficient and timely book-keeping.
  • Eliminate the stress associated with lost receipts.
  • Improve driver retention by providing value-added tools for the owner-operators.


*My Expenses is designed to only work in conjunction with the SHIPS Mobile application and the SHIPS Imaging System.

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